10 Best Cat Names Based On Anime (And What They Mean)

10 Best Cat Names Based On Anime (And What They Mean)

Are you considering a new family member or have you just adopted a cat and are thinking of suitable names that are unique and beautiful at the same time?

If you are a fan of anime or simply want to give your cat a unique name, below, you will find ten great names that will capture both your cat’s personality and also carry a touch of something you love – anime.


Taking inspiration from the popular anime series “Cardcaptor Sakura,” this name captures the essence of beauty, resilience, and a deep connection with nature (yes, Sakura is a gorgeous pinkish Japanese tree).

Sakura proves to be an ideal choice for your kitty that exudes grace, elegance, and possesses a gentle and kind-hearted temperament.


Choosing the name Totoro for your cat is a homage to the enchanting qualities of curiosity, freedom, and companionship embodied in the beloved movie “My Neighbor Totoro.”

This name captures a sense of wonder and adventure that perfectly suits a feline companion who enjoys playfulness or roaming around the house. It’s as if this name was tailor-made for your playful, wandering kitty!


Drawing inspiration from Luna, a character in the popular series “Sailor Moon,” this name exudes an aura of mystery and intelligence. In the Spanish language, Luna translates to moon, making it a perfect fit for a cat that emanates tranquility and grace.

This name perfectly suits cats that possess enchanting qualities (like a black fur coat and yellow eyes), reminiscent of the captivating beauty of the moonlit sky at night or a cat that mysteriously appears in your life through the universal cat distribution system.


If you happen to be a fan of anime, Naruto is most likely one of the first names that pops into your head. Derived from the main character of the series “Naruto,” this name symbolizes perseverance and a fun-loving nature. It suits cat with a mischievous side and an affinity for thrilling escapades.

If the name Naruto seems too lengthy, you have the option to shorten it by calling your cat “Naru” or “Nar.”


Taking inspiration from the endearing beings featured in “Tamako Market,” this name radiates a sense of warmth and fondness. It is an ideal choice for cats that love to snuggle and all things comfortable.

Other than that, Mochi is a sweet Japanese dessert, so naming your cat after something so sweet and delicious is a lovely way to highlight your cat’s sweetness and charm!


This name, taken from the manga “Hikari no Go,” has a Japanese origin and signifies “light.” It is a wonderful option for a cat that brings happiness and radiance into your existence. And let’s be honest, life wouldn’t be as bright without the presence of cats!

Other than that, cats sense bad vibes and bad people and they have this wonderful abilitiy to convert it into positive energy. So, if you are seeking a cat that will provide spiritual protection and bring light into your existence, consider naming them Hikari!


The name “Kiki” is an ideal choice for a cat embodying vitality and autonomy, as seen in the character from “Kiki’s Delivery Service.” Personally, I would opt for this appellation when adopting a cat that has faced hardship, symbolizing the commitment to restore all that she has been deprived of.


Taking inspiration from the main character of the popular series “Inuyasha,” this name symbolizes courage and devotion. It is a perfect choice for brave and protective cats.

Since it is quite a lengthy name, you have the option to call your cat either “Inu” or “Asha.”


Inspired by “Momo e no Tegami” (A Letter to Momo), this name means “peach” in Japanese and symbolizes innocence and sweetness. It’s fitting for a kitten with a gentle and endearing personality, a cat momma, or any cat that is super protective and loving.


While not directly from an anime, this name evokes the sense of cosmic adventure found in space-themed series like “Cowboy Bebop” and “Space Dandy.” The name Astro (for a male cat) or Astra (for a female cat) not only has a magical quality to it but also leaves others wondering if you drew inspiration from astrology or astronomy.

Why Choose Anime-Inspired Names?

If you’re not particularly enthusiastic about anime, selecting names inspired by this genre is still an excellent option! Here’s why:

  • Uniqueness: Anime names often have an unusual sound and meaning, making them stand out from more common pet names.
  • Nostalgia: Naming your cat after a beloved anime character can evoke feelings of nostalgia and bring back cherished memories associated with that series.
  • Cultural Appreciation: Anime names often have cultural significance, so choosing anime-inspired names not only allows you to appreciate Japanese culture but also provides an opportunity to learn and discover new things
  • Expressing Personality: Anime names often carry traits and characteristics associated with the characters they represent, allowing you to choose a name that reflects your cat’s unique personality.

Final Words

Out of all the names on this list, which one do you like the most? Personally, I like Sakura because not only does it have an exotic sound, but it also evokes images of the stunning Japanese tree. Another name that captures my attention is Luna since cats have this mystical charm similar to that of the moon.

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