10 Dream Bathroom Essentials You Need to Buy Immediately

Are you planning on renovating or reorganizing your bathroom soon? Are you moving into a new place and in need of a guide to help you get the ideal bathroom? 

Remodeling and designing bathrooms are fun things to do, especially in one’s own home. However, with so many choices and ideas available, it can get overwhelming. In this guide, we’ll give you an idea of the top ten things you need to have in your home for your dream bathroom.

1. Every Dream Bathroom Has a Stylish Bathtub

Studies show that taking a hot bath can lower blood sugar and insulin levels. It can also improve circulation and sleep quality. The best way to get these hot bath benefits is to install a bathtub into your dream bathroom. It’s cheaper and more convenient than driving out to visit hot spring resorts or spas.

While stylish built-in tubs are good, a freestanding bathtub is a better pick. It’ll allow for more space, layout flexibility, and easy cleaning. It’ll be more expensive and heavy, but it’ll be worth every penny.

2. Hidden Drawers or Cabinets for Storage

Do you like to keep your bathroom neat and roomy? If so, you’ll enjoy placing toiletries and other bathroom items in hidden cabinets. They’ll do more than hold and store your bathroom items to keep a bathroom immaculate.

They’re also practical bathroom essentials, especially in small bathrooms. You can even add more hidden cabinets in your vanity, for example. This way, you have more places for compartmentalizing bathroom items and self-care essentials.

3. Good Lighting Solutions

Good lighting is a must in every bathroom because this is where you prepare before you begin the day. With proper lighting, you get to see every aspect of yourself in your reflection. Also, good lighting will make you feel better about yourself and promote confidence throughout the day.

When you pick a bathroom light, it’s best to model it after daylight in temperature and brightness. Make sure you have enough light fixtures to keep the entire room well-lit. For incandescent bulbs, go for warm white or cool white colors, often between 2700K and 3000K.

4. Anti-Fog Mirror

Speaking of reflection, the next vital bathroom item is the mirror. You need at least one so you know how presentable you look, and whether you’ve wiped off the last of your shaving cream.

You can find a ton of great types, designs, and sizes of bathroom mirror out there. This mirror gallery has some of the best bathroom mirrors that you can use for your dream bathroom. Don’t forget to get backlights to surround your mirror for extra and quality lighting.

5. Bathroom Sound System

Are you the type of person who enjoys and de-stresses from listening to music? If so, you’d want to make sure that your bathroom comes equipped with a sound system. Today, you can find many affordable waterproof speakers designed for bathroom use.

Adding small speakers in localized areas can give you the environment that you need. In the evenings, play classical music, prepare a glass of wine, and wind down as you soak in the tub. They’re also great for mornings when you need to psych yourself up for a presentation or performance.

6. Bathroom Rug or Bath Mat

Wet bathroom floors may look common and innocent. However, they can also spell disaster and pain when you least expect it. Better play safe than sorry, and get a bath mat for the floor right outside of the tub or shower.

Microfiber mats make great choices because they’re absorbent. You can also find bath mats that you can toss into the washing machine for easy cleaning. You can even get a set of matching bath mats, toilet lids, and shower curtains to keep a cohesive bathroom design.

7. Shower Caddy

Showers are essential bathroom fixtures, but most people overlook how essential a good shower caddy is. Shower caddies help you keep your bathroom neat and in good order. A shower caddy with several shelves is a top choice for those who want to keep a lot of bath products around.

8. Floating Vanity

As the trend of floating vanities continues, there’s no reason to get left behind. It uses a minimalistic design and offers various storage features and configurations. Since it’s a floating fixture, you get lots of floor space, too.

Floating fixtures also make it easier for you to clean your bathroom floors. For a stylish look, get a floating vanity with matching floating wall shelves and lights. If you’re living with a partner, you can both enjoy having a floating vanity each.

9. Curtains or Blinds

Bathrooms are private places, but they also need windows for good ventilation and sterilization. If your bathroom has windows, you’d want blinds, shades, or curtains to keep you covered. You’ve got a ton of great choices in the market.

Wooden blinds and roller shades make it easy and quick for you to bring light into your safe space. Curtains can give your bathroom a different style or ambiance. If you want low-maintenance bathroom window treatments, install window shutters.

10. Aromatherapy Candles

Finally, the last bathroom essentials you need to have are aromatherapy candles. These candles won’t only give your bathroom a rejuvenating and spa-like atmosphere. Because they’re infused with essential oils, they can also help you relax and de-stress.

Candles with essential oils like bergamot and ylang-ylang are great for easing stress. If you want a reinvigorating bath, citrus and peppermint oils make great choices. With these candles in your bathroom, you can bring the ideal spa experience right to your home.

Make Your Dream Bathroom Come True

The bathroom is one of the most essential parts of the house. It sets the tone for the home and acts as your safe space. Other than the bedroom, it’s also where you often start and end your day.

Did you enjoy reading this guide on the top ten essentials in every dream bathroom? If you want to keep enjoying our other content, check out our other guides now.

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