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3 Amazing Window Treatment Designs for Your Next Design Urge

Are you preparing to make some home upgrades? If so, window replacement might be the place to start.

For one, it’s estimated you’ll get back about 73% of your investment if you ever choose to sell your home. Windows are arguably one of the most important architectural features in your home, contributing to light, insulation, and aesthetics. So while they’re a bit of a pricier upgrade, the ROI proves to be solid.

New window treatment designs are also a great way to lower energy bills due to improved efficiency while giving your home an updated look, and are easier to clean than their old counterparts (think: tilt-in technology).

But where should you look for inspiration? With so many options, narrowing it down can seem difficult.

We make it simple below.

1. Consider Going Classic With Shutters

In your quest to create the best windows, don’t forget an essential feature—what covers the window. Will you opt for shutters, shades, curtains, drapes, or even bare?

We recommend looking into classic shutters, which offer a perfect monochromatic look that can fit a variety of window shapes, such as oval, arched, square, and several others. Choose a solid color that matches your home’s interior design, such as bright white or chestnut brown.

You’ll feel like you’re in a chic but cozy house on a private beach 24/7!

2. Get Fancy With Pleated Drapes

Pleated drapes are also quite classic and offer a timeless look that can withstand time and new design fads. If your taste is more upscale, pleated drapes offer an air of sophistication, turning your living room into a fancy hotel lobby.

Choose from various types of pleats, such as pinch pleats (equally-spaced pleats), goblet pleats (forms a wine glass silhouette), pencil pleats (elegant and orderly), tuxedo pleats (have more flair), or cartridge pleats (widely-spaced pleats).

To add to the allure, hang your drapes from up high—up to six inches above the window’s edge—and finish low.

3. Lose the Light With Roman Shades

If you’re inclined to choose light-reducing shades that still look streamlined, then Roman shades are a worthwhile consideration. They provide a more modern look to any room, thanks to their minimalist, utilitarian shape.

Other drapery options on this list tend to be a little ‘louder,’ but Roman shades are clean-lined—making them the perfect choice for those who don’t want to take up too much space or when you want a different part of the room to demand the attention.

Choose from various fabric choices as well as different linings, controls, and placements.

Which Window Treatment Designs Are Right for Your Home?

If none of the above choices satisfy you, you’re still in luck.

When it comes to new windows, you’ve got plenty of options regarding cost, features, styles, and more. Window treatment designs are bountiful, so let your gut guide you to one that instills joy!

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