3 Common Myths About Dermal Fillers and the Truth Behind Them

3 Common Myths About Dermal Fillers and the Truth Behind Them

Dermal fillers have been around for a long time and have greatly evolved since they were introduced. And still, so many people have apprehensions about them. Most of these can be attributed to outdated procedures that left people with unnatural results. You shouldn’t let catastrophic images stop you from getting dermal fillers, however, since they can dramatically change your look and work wonders for your self-image. Here are some of the most common myths about dermal fillers and the truth about them.

They Won’t Look Natural

The biggest myth about fillers is that everyone will be able to see that you had them. Some people are scared to get the much dreaded “duck lips” look while others think that their faces will look rigid and emotionless.

But with the new line of fillers that we have on the market, you won’t have to worry about any of those things. Hyaluronic acid fillers are made to feel and look natural and fade away after a few months, so the look is not permanent either. This is why we suggest that you get informed about dermal fillers in general and the different types available right now.

If you want to know more about fillers, you can check out this guide to dermal fillers from City Skin Clinic London. They explain exactly what dermal fillers are and how they work. They also have a full list of the different fillers available and some of their characteristics to help you choose the best for your needs and budget.

They’re Intrusive and Painful

Some people also have misconceptions about how filler treatments are administered. The procedure only takes a few minutes and you’ll be able to get back to your normal self after a few days. Your skin should look normal after about seven days to a week.

As far as pain goes, you shouldn’t expect to feel much of it during the procedure, that’s because most dermal fillers have numbing agents in them as well, so you won’t feel a thing.

You can expect to see some swelling and bruising after the procedure, however, especially around the mouth and eyes. The bruising can be reduced by using cold compresses or by elevating your head when lying in bed. 

Fillers Work Just as Well as Face Lifts

One thing you shouldn’t assume is that fillers can replace more elaborate procedures like facelifts. Both procedures are largely different and won’t produce the same results.

Dermal fillers will add volume to the face and can tighten certain areas, but not like a facelift. A facelift will tighten up the whole face but won’t add volume. Dermal fillers, on the other hand, will work to sculpt the face and enhance some features. So, make sure that you know the difference between the two and explore both options more in detail with a professional.

Dermal fillers can be great depending on what you’re trying to fix and your expected results. Make sure, however, that you truly understand them before you get them and speak with people who had them before.

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