3 Inspirational Tips for Aspiring Fashion Stylists

3 Inspirational Tips for Aspiring Fashion Stylists

It is often said that if you truly love your job, then you will never work a day in your life, and if you are lucky enough to have ambitions and aspirations for how to make your money to afford the things you both need and want, then you are a step ahead of many.

Whether you are simply, at this stage, looking for careers which will incorporate your passion for fashion, or else have wanted to be a fashion stylist for a while now and are ready to make your dream a reality, then continue reading.

Here are three inspirational tips for aspiring fashion stylists.

1.    Use Social Media in the Right Way

Social media can be a fantastic tool for opening your mind and expanding your knowledge base around all things fashion, not to mention a free and effective method of ensuring you keep up to date with the latest trends and changes within the industry.

Essentially, you should use your various social media accounts across the full variety of platforms for two separate purposes.

Firstly, promote yourself as someone who is a willing student to those stylists already operating in a professional capacity, on any level and create a strong and unique profile, ensuring that how you portray yourself is consistent across the platforms. Secondly, use your social media to follow the leading fashion stylists and fashion houses and make sure that they inform your knowledge and individual choices as much as possible, especially when it comes to seasonal trends.

2.    Start Offering Your Services to Your Friends

If you are serious about pursuing a career in the fashion industry and want to become a professional fashion stylist, then a fantastic way to get yourself started and teach yourself, by learning on the job, is to start practicing styling your nearest and dearest.

Make the appointment as professional as possible and take a folder and notebook, or a laptop or tablet, to take notes on what fashion means to them and how they would like to improve their sense of style to better reflect who they are.

Arrive with sample fabrics, clothing items, and a hand-drawn mood board and be sure to look into sustainable plastic hangers for sale and other tools and equipment which may cost more than the cheapest version, but will create a professional aesthetic (not to mention, will last much longer).

3.    Find Your Niche

The third and final most powerful tip on this list when you are ready to put your plans of becoming a fashion stylist into action is to start to try to find your niche as early as possible.

It is no surprise that careers in the fashion industry are always relentlessly pursued by many people, making the competitive nature of the role particularly intense. Start to think about your motivations behind your choices and your ethos and passion for styling and clothing, which you can emphatically convey to all your new clients.

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