3 Startup Ideas for Anglophiles

3 Startup Ideas for Anglophiles 

It is perfectly natural to be proud of your own country. It stems from a deep desire within all human beings to belong to a particular tribe, celebrate it and defend it against any threat.

However, it is common for people to develop a deep affection or love for another country or culture. This passion can stem from a particular food or drink, the scenery or architecture, a certain product, a personal experience, or the cultural impact that nation has had on the world.

Every country has a fascinating culture and history, but few can boast the depth of influence on culture, politics, and global trade like the United Kingdom. 

Whether it is the enduring appeal of its rich musical heritage – with greats such as the Beatles, Rolling Stones, and Oasis rubbing shoulders with modern stars like Harry Styles and Adele for popularity – or its world-famous sense of humor, there is no shortage of British icons to be admired.

If you are an anglophile, then it might be time to monetize your passion by opening a business in the UK. Britain has traditionally been one of the most entrepreneurial nations on earth, so this is a fitting way of celebrating its culture.

Here are three startup ideas for anglophiles:

Start a black cab business

One of the most iconic symbols of British culture is the black cab, which pounds London streets all day long. 

These cabs may serve the same purpose as any other cab around the world, but black cabs are special. Much like the yellow cabs of New York City, they are a recognizable landmark and capture the imagination of all who ride in them.

Therefore, starting a black cab company could be one of the most rewarding enterprises you could consider as a business. It allows you to actively contribute to a piece of British heritage, keep it alive and even add your own sparkle of magic to this world-famous institution.

Another key reason why having a black cab company could be a fantastic opportunity is because it remains a profitable business model.

Demand for taxis in the British capital remains high, and with environmental regulations becoming stricter, taxi cabs could become a primary source of transport in Central London. If you want to buy one of these iconic vehicles, try cabdirect – black taxi for sale

Open a pub

A pub is another fantastic staple of British culture. The local pub is a focal point of British communities, bringing families and friends together and providing a place for a variety of experiences.

Whether you want a roast dinner on a Sunday or a pint of beer with your friends after work in the evening, pubs are part of the cultural tapestry in Britain.

Although many pubs are having to close due to the uncertain economy, it remains a fantastic business model for the right owners. 

Build a microbrewery

It is no secret that many Brits love booze, which is why microbreweries have exploded in popularity in recent years. 

There are now a dizzying number of these breweries around the country, and the success of brands like Brewdog is a testament to their potential. 

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