It can be tough decide when you should remove a tree. Here are a few signs you might to call a tree service for some expert advice.

4 Signs You Need to Call a Tree Service

Did you know that the year 2020 broke the record for the number of named storms in the USA? Scientists gave names to a whopping 30 storms, a new record!

While you may not live in a hurricane-hit region in the USA, the number of storms is rising everywhere thanks to climate change.

If a storm hits your location will you be protected? Are you sure that the trees that surround your house are secured and will not fall and cause damage?

Why not read on to find out when you should consider calling a tree service to remove a tree before it can do damage.

1. Your Trees have Visible Decay

If you start to see decay on the bark and trunk of a tree, it could be an indication of the status of its core. Therefore if there is visible decay, then it is time to call a tree service professional.

Since you cannot actually see inside the tree, it is better to do this as soon as possible. The damage and weakening effect of the internal rotting could be worse than you think.

Simply call a professional who will be able to inform you whether you need to arrange for tree removal.

2. It is Touching Power Lines

If your tree is starting to impact power lines, then call professional tree removal services immediately.

Trees are responsible for damage to power lines each year all over the USA. In some scenarios, they cause power outages and minimal damages. In other situations, the mix of dry wood and electricity has been know to start wildfires.

Avoid the potential danger by having the tree removed by a professional company.

3. Cracks and Signs of Bowing

If you see branches that are looking old or have suffered storm damage it could be tempting to get a ladder and address the problem yourself. However, this could be highly dangerous.

There are many accidents and injuries suffered each year by individuals cutting branches.

Avoid the risk to your health by calling a professional company. They are trained in the safe use of power tools and ladder safety. They will ensure that the work is done without danger to human life.

Professional companies do only perform dangerous work. You can even call them for relatively easy work such as a tree trimming service.

4. Unsecured Roots

It may sound simple to say that roots keep the tree in place, however, it is true. Therefore if some roots start to become exposed, you can likely predict that the tree is not fully stable.

This is one of the clearest tree removal signs you will see. Unfortunately, many people are injured or even killed each year by falling trees. Avoid this by calling the professionals.

Everything that a Tree Service Can Do For You and More

If the state of the trees in your garden worries you, why not consult with a professional tree service to see what they can do?

Tree services will not only ensure that they remove any dangerous trees from your garden, but also that the trees in your garden look great.

If you want to know more about these kinds of topics, then why not head over to our blog page for more of the same.

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