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5 Adorable Indoor Plants That Are Easy to Maintain

Plants in your home are some of the greatest interior decor investments you’ll ever make. Not only do they seamlessly blend into whatever theme you have for your indoor space, but they also cheer you up with their very presence. There are even certain plants that are said to clean the air in your indoor spaces, which is a huge pro to having plants at home, to say the least. 

So, now that we’ve established how amazing and useful plants can be for your home, let’s move onto the problem at hand – you want something cute and small that you can look after, but you don’t have a lot of space to dedicate to an indoor garden or for a large indoor flower pot. No worries. 

Here, we have for you a list of adorable little plants that will feel right at home on your side table, the windowsill, or any little corner or shelf you can give them. 


They don’t need a lot of water, direct sunlight, or even too much room. Keeping a single flower or two in your living space can be as simple as getting a flower pot, planting the seeds, and then following the right directions while waiting for the flowers to bloom. 

If you have space to spare, you can even spend some time making an orchid arrangement out of them to decorate other parts of your home.

Wooly Thyme 

This little plant is perfect for small pots on the shelves in your rooms, mainly because the plant only grows up to three inches in height. It even flowers, and gives off a great thyme scent when touched – the perfect option for anyone who not only wants some green plants that look good, but also smell great. 

All you need to do to help them grow is to water them sometimes – only when you feel the soil is growing dry to the touch. 

Baby Tears 

This is a plant that you can grow in pots hanging from the ceiling, but you’ll need to grow it in humid conditions. Baby tears are lush, small green plants that will look adorable wherever you hang them, which is why these plants are a must-have in any small apartment. 

Just be careful that you’re growing them in a room with ample light, and that you don’t overwater them. They need humidity, but they don’t need to be growing in muddy soil! 

Scotch Moss 

This little plant is basically a type of moss native to Scotland, and it grows best in the cool conditions of its homeland. It’s why this moss grows best in a room with sunlight that isn’t too strong, and you need to mist it frequently to make sure the moss stays fresh and bright.

If you grow it right, it will develop beautiful white flowers on the surface, and there’s nothing that will remind you more about woodlands and a cozy cottage in the woods than this mossy plant. 


This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the most common indoor plants – succulents! This isn’t a single plant but a whole class of plants that are all incredibly resilient and easy to care for. 

Going wrong with a succulent is truly a feat in itself, which makes them the perfect option for anyone who isn’t quite sure they’re ready for something that needs a lot of care or regular watering. So if you travel a lot, or have a routine that’s all over the place, get yourself a cute cactus.

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