5 Essential Roof Maintenance Tips You Need to Know

5 Essential Roof Maintenance Tips You Need to Know

There’s a lot that goes into homeownership. The focus is often on creating a beautiful exterior and comfortable interior. Meanwhile, important components of the home can get overlooked.

One of those components is roof maintenance.

Your roof, like electrical and HVAC systems, require upkeep if you want them to outlast their warranty. The key is in being proactive in terms of care and upkeep.

Are you interested in ways to avoid having major roof repairs or replacements? Keep reading for five essential tips to extend the life of your roof.

1. The Top Roof Maintenance Tip Is Tree Trimming

Trees are beautiful and add to our ecosystem. If you have them in your yard, keep them trimmed and away from your roof.

Some homeowners believe shade trees help cool the home. They fail to realize on windy days low-hanging branches strap across the roof damaging shingles.

Worse, if a tree falls due to old age or a storm, it can destroy your roof and expose the interior of the home to extensive damage.

2. Keep the Roof Clear of Debris

Leaves, twigs, and other debris accumulate atop roofs. When allowed to sit for a long period of time, moisture sets in. This can lead to mold and mildew, plus deterioration of the shingles.

When this happens damage to the underlayment also becomes affected. In this case, a roof repair is needed. Contact this local roofer for an inspection.

3. Inspect for Loose Shingles

Loose shingles become more problematic as the roof ages.  It’s inevitable that a structure will one day need a new roof. By inspecting for loose shingles, you can prolong a total roof replacement.

At least twice a year, inspect the condition of the shingles. If they’re loose, use a roof sealant to repair small issues.

You also want to inspect the attic or crawl space for possible leaks.

4. Don’t Anchor Decorations to the Roof

Large inflatable holiday decorations and lights are very popular. We see them on rooftops all the time. Anchoring decorations or any fixture to your roof is dangerous and can cause damage.

Do not use any method that requires nailing or screwing anything into the actual roof. If you have already done so, contact a roof repair company to inspect the roof for damage and repair options.

5. Invest in a Professional Roof Inspection

Your home is an investment and should get treated like one. Contact a local roofing company to see if they offer annual roof maintenance pr inspection plans.

A professional roofer will come out and inspect your roof, make minor repairs, and keep you abreast of the overall health of the roof. You’ll have someone you trust when it’s time for a roof replacement.

Keep a Roof Over Your Head

Roof maintenance doesn’t have to become a great expense. Many of these essentials you can do yourself. They’re good weekend projects to save you money down the road.

If you’re in need of more tips, we have you covered. Check-out more great articles in our home and garden section.

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