5 Essentials for a Stress-Free House Move

5 Essentials for a Stress-Free House Move

Moving house can be very stressful. It shouldn’t be. It should be an exciting time that’s filled with joy. Yes, there’ll always be challenges to a move, and it can be physically and mentally tough, but with the right help and preparation, you can reduce the stress, make life easier for yourself, and even enjoy your big move.

A Good Conveyancer

A good house buying solicitor such as one from Conveyancing Expert is essential if you are buying and/or selling a home. They’ll deal with the legal side of things and help you to understand the process. A good solicitor is someone who communicates well, is easy to reach, has experience with any specific issues you face (such as buying a shared ownership property or moving to a different country), and you trust to do the right things for you. They can ease the process and make your life much easier.

Plenty of Time

In the ideal world, you’ll want to give yourself plenty of time for each stage of your home move. The last thing that you want is to be rushing around, still packing boxes when the moving van arrives.

Sometimes, if we are part of a chain, things do happen slowly, or all at once, and it’s not out of the realms of possibility that you will find yourself sitting in a moving van with all of your possessions, as someone else moves into your old home, while you wait for funds to clear before you can pick up the keys to the new one.

As a buyer, you can’t always control the timeline. So, control what you can to free up time later. Start decluttering and packing away things that you don’t need day to day as soon as you decide to move.


Organisation is key to a successful and stress-free house move. Things like labelling boxes efficiently mean that they get moved into the right rooms and that you know where everything is when you need it. Making lists of things to do and the places you need to tell about your new address will also make the process much easier.

Moving with Pets

Moving with pets can be a challenging task due to their sensitivity to changes in environment. However, there are tips on some of the best ways to move with pets that can alleviate stress and ensure a smooth transition. Firstly, prepare a pet-friendly travel kit with food, toys, and comfort items. Secondly, keep your pets in a safe and secure carrier during the move. If you’re moving long distance, it’s advisable to plan for stops to give your pet a break. Lastly, upon arrival, provide a quiet space for your pet to adjust to the new surroundings. Remember, patience and preparation are key when moving with pets.

A Moving Team

A professional removal team will make moving much less stressful and exhausting. They’ll also have insurance against breakages, so you’ll have the peace of mind that if accidents happen, you are covered. If you don’t want to hire help, consider creating your own moving team with someone to drive the van, people to look after kids and pets, and help to pack and unpack on each end. Call in favours and ask friends and family for any help that they can offer.

A Moving Day Survival Kit

Moving day itself is often the climax of moving stress. So do things to make it easier and more enjoyable. Make sure you move things like the kettle and some food and drinks first so that you can eat and drink during the move. Keep important documents or anything that you need separate and pack a first night box with things like PJs and toothbrushes, so that you can just crash if you are tired when you arrive.

A stress-free (or at least, reduced stress!) house move can mean that you are ready to take on the other challenges that come with moving to a new place, perhaps starting a new job, or settling into a new area. It makes it much easier to start enjoying your new life as soon as you can.

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