5 Eyeshadow Basics You Should Know

5 Eyeshadow Basics You Should Know

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. Eyeshadow can ensure that your windows stand out and express your spirit and beauty to the fullest. Good-quality eye shadow can accentuate your eyes and bring creativity to your face. Eye shadow pallets can be available in a variety of colors, with some incorporating glitter effects. 

So, if you want to elevate your makeup with eyeshadow, follow these simple basics. 

What Exactly Is Eyeshadow?

Eyeshadow is a colored cosmetic that gets applied on the eyelids. Eyeshadow makeup from essence cosmetics can also be applied under the eyes, brow bone, or cheeks to accentuate them. To apply eyeshadow, you can use a flat brush, but if you don’t have one, you can also use your finger. To create the perfect eye shadow look, follow these basics. 

1. Eye Shape Is An Important Factor 

When it comes to eyeshadow application, your eye shape is an important factor to consider. You may use different techniques and colored palettes depending on your eye shape. There are many different eye shapes worldwide, like mono lids, deep-set eyes, and wide-set eyes, and each can be accentuated with various techniques and products. 

Identify your eye shape and practice with various motions, brushes, and palettes. You’ll be able to pick up on which techniques work best. The same applies to wearing lash extensions. Whether you use DIY natural lashes or visit a professional, your perfect look depends on the well-chosen eyelash extensions. For instance, the length of the eyelashes for hooded eyes differs from for almond eyes. It would help to discover your eye shape before applying eye makeup.

2. Use A Primer

Using a primer prepares your eyelids for eye shadow application. It also accentuates the eye shadow itself. Primer can also make your eyeshadow last longer, which can come in handy for long events. If you don’t apply primer before eye shadow, it may fade and run easily, and you’ll have to continuously re-apply it. 

Applying primer to your eyelids also moisturizes and improves the skin texture there. Apply a pea-sized amount of primer on each eyelid and wait for it to dry before applying eye shadow.  

3. Get A Variety Of Brushes

To elevate your eye shadow application, purchasing high-quality brushes is a good idea. A good makeup brush helps apply and blend in the eye shadow to make your eyes shadow palette pop. If you use brushes of poor quality, your makeup may come out looking tacky. 

Eye shadow brushes also come in various sizes, and you can use them simultaneously for the best looks, from a simple natural look to a heavier dramatic look. Larger brushes cover more surface space, while smaller brushes can be used for creative detailing.   

4. Learn About Different Types Of Eye Shadow

Eye shadow makeup can appear in various palettes, textures, types, and formulas, so you should take your time to find out which products are best for you and create wonderful looks. The different types of eye shadow are as follows:

  • Stick Eye Shadow Make-Up- This is a great product for people who are always on the go. It’s easy to apply and often has a creamy texture for easy application. These eye shadows are also buildable, which means you can use more than one stick to create any look you like. 
  • Liquid Eye Shadow Make-Up- Liquid eye shadow has more of a glossy texture and can also be applied directly to the eyelids. There’s a variety of liquid eyeliners available for all skin types. They provide an intense color palette, the only downside being that it dries up quickly. 
  • Baked Eye Shadow Make-Up- Baked eye shadow is durable and can provide a smooth application. It’s the perfect product for people who love to play with intense colors. You can apply it to your eyelids with a brush and use it either wet or dry. 
  • Cream Eye Shadow Make-Up- Cream eye shadow blends well and can give your eyes a shimmery effect. They also last very long, but the downside is that they can lead to creasing. This means people with oily eyelids may not be fans of this product. This eye shadow should be applied with a brush to avoid melting.
  • Loose Eye Shadow Make-Up- This product is a must-have for makeup professionals. It can be a messy situation when handled by a beginner. It’s milled finely and can provide a wonderful bright color finish.

5. Learn About Eye Shadow Textures

Eye shadow makeup can also be available in various textures that provide different effects for different events. There are many makeup textures, with the most popular being:

  • Shimmering- Eye shadow with a shimmering effect has become quite popular amongst makeup enthusiasts. They give your eyelids a beautiful sparkle which is great for those fun nights out.  
  • Glittering- Glittering makeup contains some chunky parts of glitter, and you can combine them with some matte eye shadow products for a complete look. It can be tricky to apply, so use the correct brush.

Many other textures are available, so take your time experimenting with looks and create your signature look. 


By following these eye shadow basics, you’ll be armed with the right information, techniques, and products to navigate your eye makeup journey. With various products and brush techniques, you’ll be able to create unique looks no matter the occasion. Remember to apply primer before the eye makeup so that your eyelid is well moisturized. Always stock up on a variety of brushes for more creativity and fun!

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