5 Major Renovation Projects to Consider Before Selling Your Home

5 Major Renovation Projects to Consider Before Selling Your Home

If you’re planning on selling your home, a large profit and a quick sale are definitely your most important goals. But you need some sound strategies to attract and appease potential customers. So before you just outright put up your house for sale, consider investing in some renovation projects. By doing so, you can make your property stand out in the market listings.

We all understand the frustration of being confined to our houses during the global lockdown.  Perhaps it’s the same reason that has recently attracted a considerable outlander population [m1] into Lansing as well. With affordable living expenses, cheaper houses, and a stable job market, it seems like a safe place to have a change of atmosphere.

The city’s housing market can prove quite competitive if you don’t have a good strategy to back you up. Therefore, investing in some major renovation projects listed below is a good first step to boost your property value and get a high ROI.

1.    Roof Repairs

Updating the roof should be the first thing on your checklist of necessary repairs. Without a roof in tip-top shape, the house will be prone to water damage, leaks, moisture, and mildew. These do not only pose serious health and safety threats but also ruin the appeal of the interior. Therefore, it’s best to search for professional roofing services in your area. Hire Lansing, MI Roof Repair experts for a thorough inspection, as some of the cracks and leaks might be visible only to the professional eye. They can advise you better on whether the roof needs some small repairs or complete reinstallation.

Even if there are only a few leaks or deteriorating parts, have the professionals take care of them immediately to prevent heavy replacement costs later. However, if the need arises, do not hesitate to replace the entire roof. Buyers will not be attracted to a property that doesn’t ensure a comfortable life. Additionally, make sure you choose the right roof material when replacing the old one. It could be a more trendy style or color complementing the paint or interior design. This way, you can enhance the appearance of the house while simultaneously preventing safety hazards like the risk of a collapse. 

2.    Bathroom Remodeling

As one of the rooms where frequent degradation is inevitable, the bathroom deserves special attention before you consider selling your home. The gradual damages to infrastructure and appliances owing to the damp environment need to be adequately addressed. Otherwise, your property value will go downhill significantly even if the rest of the home is in perfect shape. Moreover, an investment in mid-range bathroom replacement can return approximately 67.2% of your costs.

So consider repainting walls with chipped patches. Replace scratched or slippery floors. Make sure you look for more aesthetically pleasing designs when deciding on replacement flooring materials. Look for things that can be replaced at affordable costs, like the showerhead, faucets, and degenerating cabinets. Then, opt for more updated alternatives for these utilities to increase bathroom functionality and comfort. You should also resurface the bathtub to make it look good as new. And if your budget allows, don’t forget to replace the toilet to make the place look cleaner and more attractive.

3.    Landscaping

The first impression your buyers will have of your house depends on your lawn. Improper landscaping can seriously impact their decision to invest in your property. So, before you schedule a property showing with your potential buyer, tidy up your yard thoroughly.

  • Trim the plants, trees, and branches.
  • Remove dead roots and leaves from the soil.
  • Add some colorful flowers for a beautiful exterior.

Buyers tend to prefer natural scenery when sifting through the house listings. So planting a few big trees around your house is also adds value. Not only does it freshen up the air around the place, but the view full of greenery elevates the mood and aligns with luxury standards. So you can sell your house for a higher price if you invest in a few plants.

4.    Siding

The natural beauty surrounding your place isn’t the only important consideration for mesmerizing your buyers from the onset. The exterior of the building itself also adds to the first impression your buyers develop of your property. An inexpensive way to achieve that is to add siding to your home exterior. A trendy style of siding can effectively modernize your home’s appearance. Moreover, with this one-time investment, you can skip the hassle of repainting the exterior walls from time to time. All you need is a garden hose, a brush, and some wet cloth, and your regular cleaning of the siding is taken care of. 

The installation of siding also increases the durability of the building structure, making it more weatherproof. So, it can save you some money in the long run by eliminating the need for continuous repairs. On top of that, it can give a complete makeover to your exterior without the need for a huge revamp. There is a range of cement, vinyl, and composite sidings available in the market. Make sure to choose the one best suited to your location and house structure.

5.    Garage Conversion

If you have an old garage you haven’t turned to in years except for dumping unnecessary clutter, then it’s time to make the place useful. A garage conversion can add ample value to your home without much financial strain. Just keep your budget in mind and plan what kind of conversion you want accordingly. You only need a little creativity to realize plenty of possible options. You can convert it into a home gym, a playroom for children, or a home-based office. You may also extend your living space to your garage for a bigger home.

The best thing about this renovation method is that you don’t need much professional assistance that building a new extension would otherwise require. You just have to do some cleaning up, a little rearrangement of furniture, and careful addition of some specific appliances and utilities to suit your purpose.


When selling your home, finding buyers is a challenge that requires considerable effort. You need strategy and smart investments to make your home more prominent in the housing market. One such strategy to give your house an edge over other property listings is to engage in some renovation projects. With some wise and careful investment, you can boost the property value and curb appeal of your home. Consequently, the improved comfort level in your home will persuade buyers to pay higher prices to reserve their new luxury home.

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