5 Natural Ways to Remove Sun Tan from your Body

Some people like that tan on their skin, and some want to avoid it. Scientifically though, a sun tan indicates skin damage.

Our skin has a pigment called melanin that gives skin its natural colour. When UV rays from the sun fall on our skin, more melanin gets produced in response. The body does that to shield the skin from dangerous UV radiation. Though this extra melanin adds more pigmentation to the skin, its not strong enough to protect it from harm. We need sun protection. There are many products available for sun protection. Some are chemical based, while some are organic and natural. The range of mineral sunscreens from Lotus Organics is very gentle, not just on the skin but also on the environment. In this article, we will share with you different natural methods to remove sun tan from the body.

Why should you remove sun tan from the body?

Tanned skin consists of skin cells that have been harmed and damaged by UV radiation. Those skin cells have been sunburnt to some level. Best is to remove them so that new, healthy untanned cells can replace them.

Different methods for removing sun tan

The different methods of removing sun tan are based on either exfoliation or skin care. Whatever the approach, you can use products that are either chemical based or natural. While they are both effective, it is highly advisable to check the side effects of these products. In this article, we will focus on the natural ways to remove sun tan from the body.

Natural products are easy on the skin and contribute to a sustainable environment. So read on to remove that tan and help the environment while you care for your skin.

Natural methods of removing sun tan from the body

To remove sun tan from the body, we need to exfoliate the dead or damaged cells and let the skin cells heal at the same time. Nature has many gifts for us that have amazing healing benefits. They have been proven to be effective by research. We list below a few broad categories of natural methods that you can try for yourself.

Removing skin tan using products from your kitchen

  1. Orange peel powder: Dry orange peels, powder them, and mix them with rose water and gram flour (besan) to make a paste. A vitamin C-rich exfoliant is ready. This will remove dead and damaged skin cells forming the top layer of skin, thus helping to remove sun tan from the body.
  1. Potato Juice: Potatoes are rich in zinc that has anti-inflammatory properties. They also have a protein called lysine that helps repair skin cells. Additionally, potatoes are rich in Vitamin C which keeps your skin young.
  1. Turmeric: For ages, turmeric has been in use as an antiseptic and a skin care product. The reason behind this is a natural compound it contains – curcumin. Curcumin has excellent anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant powers. It calms the inflamed areas that have suffered sunburns. It helps them heal fast and also helps remove pigmentation by inhibiting the production of melanin. It also promotes better blood flow thus accelerating the healing part and making your skin healthy and bright.
  1. Cranberry Juice: A lesser-known natural wonder for skin care, cranberries are loaded with natural antioxidants. They lighten the skin tone by combating environmental damage and dark spots. Cranberries also reduce skin inflammation and help rebuild healthy skin cells using their essential amino acid content. In addition to these properties, they are very useful to combat skin ageing. Their high vitamin content makes the skin more radiant.
    You can try drying cranberries at home, and if you are looking for more professional help to remove sun tan from the body and to protect your skin, the Ultra Matte Mineral sunscreen from Lotus Organics+ with SF of 40 is one of my personal favourites. It leverages the power of cranberries for skin protection and nourishment.

Apart from the kitchen, your plants also provide excellent natural ways to remove sun tan from the body.

  1. Aloe Vera: It is a medicinal plant that is known for its soothing nature. It has a natural compound called aloin that has anti-inflammatory properties. Scientific research has shown that it is useful to heal sunburns. It’s even used to treat first and second-degree burns. So, it’s very effective to remove sun tan from the body. Applying pure aloe vera gel on the skin also keeps it moisturised.

Many other plants have been bestowed by nature to be excellent healers. Rose petals are rich in Vitamin A and C. Flowers from the frangipani plant and white peony have shown great results in alleviating sunburns and suntans and keeping the skin youthful, healthy and moisturised. Physical Sunscreens from Lotus Organics are highly potent products with ingredients sourced from across the globe. The products are made from pure organic ingredients with zero parabens or sulphate content. If you want natural solutions that have been prepared to give the highest value to purity and skin safety, then try out these products.

Besides using these products, keep a healthy diet, keep yourself hydrated and use sun protection to avoid getting a tan in the first place.

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