A fireplace makes for the perfect cozy addition to any room in your house. Here are 5 reasons why you should install a fireplace in your home.

5 Reasons to Install a Fireplace in Your Home

The fireplace went from being a necessity in early American homes to more of an accessory today. It provided heat and a place to cook and bake and acted as the center of the home. Many homes had fireplaces in more than one room. 

Nowadays, less than half of new home starts contain the once necessary fireplace. It is however still considered a positive feature of any home! 

Do you have a room that you want to turn into “the cozy room”? Buy a fireplace! Keep reading to learn five reasons why you should install a fireplace in your home.

1. Affordable Heating 

Fireplaces provide heat at an affordable price. This is true of electric, gas, and wood-burning fireplace models. Using your fireplace to warm up the home will save you money on your energy costs. 

If you go further and hook the fireplace into your heating system, it can be a main source of heat. You will significantly lower your heating costs. 

2. Create A Cozy Atmosphere 

If there’s one reason to look forward to the weather turning, it’s the thought of sitting in front of a warm fire. The warmth and flickering flames help you relax and unwind. 

Grab some hot cocoa, a glass of wine, or a good book and cozy up with a blanket by the fire. What a great way to spend a cold fall or winter evening. 

3. Focal Point 

Adding a fireplace to your family room, game room, or bedroom creates a great focal point in the room. You have so many options for style. You can choose from something sleek and modern to a brick farmhouse style and everything in between. 

Accessorize with a beautiful mantel or fireplace doors. This is a great read on the three types of fireplace doors for your new home addition. 

4. Environmentally Friendly 

Using a furnace to heat your home is not the most environmentally-friendly option. Wood, gas, and electric fireplaces are more eco-friendly and produce low emissions. 

5. Add Value To Your Home

Potential homebuyers find it to be a plus if a home has a fireplace. This is especially true in cold, snowy climates. Buyers see it as a way to lower utility costs and a nice cosmetic feature. 

A really modern fireplace with a stunning mantelpiece is very desirable and has the potential to create a bidding war. 

Install a Fireplace 

Have we convinced you to install a fireplace? It’ll make the long, cold days of winter more bearable. It’ll add value to your home and lower your energy costs. And a fireplace gives you a great return on your investment. Purchase a fireplace and enjoy many cozy evenings by the fire. 

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