5 Signs You Need To Install A Water Filter System At Home

5 Signs You Need To Install A Water Filter System At Home

Clean drinking water is not something that everyone has readily available, but if a home has a water filtration system, it can instantly enhance the quality of its drinking water. Moreover, a water filter will ensure that the entire family can drink as much water as possible without worrying about contaminants.

Unfortunately, because most bacteria, heavy metals, and other contaminants cannot be seen with the human eye, not everyone is aware of their presence in some tap water. So, even if it tastes good and appears clean, most tap water typically contains hazardous impurities. Although some toxins appear to be harmless, others might impact your family’s health or cause damage to appliances and home fixtures.

A home water filter system removes impurities from your water, resulting in safer, cleaner, and better-tasting water. If you have difficulty installing one in your home, try contacting professional experts, such as www.filtap.com.au, for reliable installation services. To find out if your home needs water filters, here’s a quick rundown of the telltale signs you should look out for.

1. Your Water Smells And Tastes Bad

First, you should never overlook how your water tastes and smells. If the taste and smell of your tap water have changed, it should be a sign that something unusual is going on in your plumbing system or that chemical levels in your water are elevated. This is commonly one of the reasons why most homeowners invest in water filtration systems.

Over a million people drink a cup of water every day, and making it taste pleasant should be one of the community suppliers’ top goals. However, it is also recommended that you install a filtration system throughout your home to provide further assurance of clean and healthier water. Remember that there are more reasons to acquire a complete home water filter system than to get rid of the smell and sour taste of your water. 

Pollutants, chemicals, and contaminants often make their way to your plumbing systems and your taps making your water smell and taste bad. If you want to enjoy tap water, installing water filter systems is advised.

2. A Lot Of Chlorine

You don’t want to have the smell and taste of chlorine when drinking or using running water from your tap. Even though chlorine is used in the filtration process to sanitize and kill bacteria in the water and the plumbing systems, it doesn’t mean your water should taste like chlorine. This process shouldn’t make your water taste bad, but when you notice this smell and taste, it’s one of the signs you should consider installing a water filter system in your home. 

3. Presence Of Heavy Metals

Heavy metals such as lead, mercury, arsenic, and chromium, among others, can be found in tap water. It should be alarming because high concentrations of these metals are harmful to human health. Typically, these metals are frequently transferred from community water supplies to your pipe systems.

Although your water utility provider should inform you of the number of heavy metals in your tap water and its toxicity level, there are numerous instances where their heavy metal reports are inaccurate. In that case, it’s better to install a water filtration system at home and have tap water tasted regularly to avoid these problems. 

4. Stains On Your Clothes After Washed

You expect your clothes and utensils to be sparkling clean after cleaning them, but stains indicate that some chemicals are present in your tap water. Iron, manganese, and copper are culprits that can stain your clothes after every wash. If you detect discoloration on your clothes or faucets from your water, get your water tested immediately or acquire a filter to have clean water coming through your pipes.

With a filter system, you can quickly eliminate this issue. However, you must ensure that your entire house water system is professionally cleaned before installing a water filter system on the main water supply pipe to make every tap water in your home safe to use.

5. Scrubbing Too Much While Cleaning

Everyone enjoys a clean house, but if you’re spending additional effort scrubbing the sinks, bathtub, shower, walls, and floors, it could be a sign that your tap water is too hard. The presence of calcium and magnesium in your tap water affects the effectiveness of your soap and detergent. Even after cleaning, these will leave your home looking unpleasant. 

If you are experiencing this in your house, it is recommended that you install a water filter system to help filter out water minerals that cause your tap water to be hard. Doing this will ensure that your house’s fixtures will be sparkling clean.


If you detect any of the signs mentioned above, it is recommended that you install a water filter system in your home. Many people are unaware of the various water filters available, and it is critical to know where to invest your money and time. It would be advisable to seek the assistance of a professional whenever necessary, especially when selecting the ideal water filter system for your home.

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