6 Cute Garden Ideas for People Who Want a Whimsical Space

Since 67.4% of Americans own property, garden and yard maintenance is a big part of many people’s lives. Decorating and maintaining a cute garden is a great way to express yourself, reduce stress, and make your space your own, so don’t skimp out on this fun activity.

Read on for whimsical garden decor ideas that you’re sure to love!

1. Lawn Gnomes

Lawn gnomes are a garden classic because they’re whimsical. Each gnome is unique because it comes with a different facial expression or hat color than those around it, so you can choose one that appeals to you. Have fun giving your gnome some personality and flair by positioning him in the garden with some other statues.

2. Animal Statues

While some of your gnome’s friends can be other humanoid statues, you can also use animals to set up a fun and cute scene. You can purchase plastic, porcelain, or stone animals at most retailers, including frogs, turtles, cats, and more. For added fun, create different configurations of animals in multiple locations around your garden and have them interact with the surrounding foliage.

3. Twining Vines

A garden is nothing without plants, and vines are a unique way to add some life to your space. You can choose primarily green vines like hydrangea and tri-color kiwi to wrap around tall trellises and light fixtures. If you want more floral vines for your garden, you may be interested in black-eyed Susans, honeysuckle, or our personal favorite- bleeding hearts.

4. Add Pops of Color

Regardless of what you choose to do with your outdoor space, flowers are an essential part of every garden. Marigolds are one of the best that you can grow, but you also can’t go wrong with sunflowers, carnations, or multicolored roses. Make sure that you care for them appropriately with flower food and water them every day!

5. Create Your Own Fairy Tale

Garden illumination is also important to maintaining a cute and fun space, so invest in some floodlights or lamp posts to place throughout your garden. You can have some extra fun with this by purchasing colored lightbulbs. Another great way to make your dream fairy garden is to wrap fairy lights around the same trellises that your vines are creeping up.

6. Add in Some Furniture

The final piece of home and garden decor¬†that you’ll need to invest in is furniture. After all, you need a place to sit and enjoy the fragrant air. Get some fun metal chairs (and whimsical cushions) where you can sit and read a good book, socialize with friends, or work on arts and crafts.

Create a Cute Garden Today

Now that you have some ideas on how to create a cute garden for your yard, it’s time to learn more. Check out the ‘home and garden’ tab on our home page for more information on how you can spruce up your space. Here, you’ll find tons of articles on how to plant gorgeous flowers and tend to your gorgeous garden, so start browsing ASAP.

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