Planning a kitchen makeover can be stressful. You need to get everything just right. Here are six things you should consider during the planning stage.

6 Things to Consider When Planning a Kitchen Makeover

Is your kitchen in desperate need of a makeover?

There’s no denying that the kitchen is one of the most, if not the most important room of the house. It’s where you do all your cooking, where you make your morning coffee, and where you might socialize when you’ve got friends over. It needs to be functional and it helps if it’s attractive as well.

In this post, we’re going to help you with your kitchen makeover by giving you 6 things to consider before you start. Kitchens are notoriously time-consuming to redesign, so you’ll want all your ducks in a row now to make things easy.

1. Set Yourself a Budget

Before you start coming up with a plan and purchasing supplies, figure out how much money you can realistically spend on your kitchen makeover. For those working under some constraints, doing the kitchen remodel in chunks is probably the best course of action, slowly doing new parts here and there until you’ve got a brand new kitchen.

Your budget will determine what you can feasibly accomplish in your kitchen. It doesn’t hurt to do some research ahead of time to figure out a ballpark number that you’re going to need to spend on each part. This brings us to our next point: prioritizing.

2. Prioritize Your Wants/Needs

If money is a concern, then you absolutely need to sit down and prioritize your wants and needs. Write down a list of everything that you want/need to redo and how much you expect each thing to cost. 

To determine an order of things, think about what most frustrates you about your kitchen now. If it’s counter space, then maybe redoing your counters and adding a kitchen island is the first thing to do. From there, you can keep saving and budgeting, then do something else when funds allow.

3. Considering Themes

You should start with an overall theme for your kitchen. This gives you a framework to follow as you’re making changes over a long period of time. Think about things like paint colors, wallpaper, kitchen faucet finish, appliances, etc. 

You can find lots of ideas online to use as inspiration for your own kitchen. This is the most fun part of kitchen remodeling because the sky’s the limit.

4. Functionality Above Everything

While a nice aesthetic is important for the kitchen, what you really want to remember is that functionality rules all. A well-planned kitchen layout can make a huge difference for all of the things we discussed earlier, but especially when it comes to cooking. 

Lots of counter space is a great idea, as is a kitchen island. Some people opt for butcher block counters to make better use of the counters. Others focus on lighting to ensure that you can achieve mood for parties and high-visibility when cooking.

5. Quality Over Easy

Don’t be afraid to spend a bit of money on your add-ons. With things like kitchen appliances, you want to get higher-quality machines so that they make your life easier and you don’t have to replace them in a few years. This goes for things like kitchen cabinets, flooring, and faucets as well.

Start Your Kitchen Makeover ASAP

Now that you know what you need to think about before your kitchen makeover, you can start to make plans. A kitchen remodel might seem like a huge undertaking, but when you’re cutting vegetables on your brand new counters or enjoying the look of your new cabinets, you’ll realize it was all worth it.

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