If you want to enhance your summer fun and cut down on maintenance then these seven pool accessories are a great start for any household.

7 Pool Accessories to Enhance Your Summer Fun

Did you know that 7 out of 10 families are creating detailed plans to enjoy summer to the fullest this year?

Now that the beautiful weather is in full swing, you might be excited about spending your days outside by the pool.

Do you want to make your outdoor time as fun as possible? Keep reading to learn about 7 must-have pool accessories that will make your summer extra sweet.

1. A Vacuum

Whether you’re on the hunt for above-ground or inground pool accessories, you can never go wrong with investing in a vacuum. This device will make sure your pool is free of debris without you needing to break a sweat.

2. A Heater

You shouldn’t have to suffer in freezing water when you want to cool off from the sunshine. A pool heater will let you choose the temperature that makes you comfortable. This guide can help you figure out what size pool heater you need so you can get the perfect results.

3. A Pool Cover

Pool covers are great at preventing leaves and other debris from getting into your pool. In addition, the cover can add a layer of protection for pets and small children who could fall into the pool.

4. Automatic Chlorinator

Nobody wants to spend their time fussing with pool cleaners and harsh chemicals since summer is all about relaxing instead. If you get an automatic pool chlorinator, then you keep your pool safe with minimal effort. These devices can release chlorine over time to maintain optimal levels.

5. Waterproof Speakers

Every pool owner should have at least one waterproof speaker that can blast their favorite tunes while they swim. From parties to relaxing me-time, you’ll be glad to have access to music without worrying about getting your equipment wet. You can even search for some underwater speakers for a magical swimming experience.

6. Lights

Lights are fantastic luxury pool accessories because they can make night swimming secure and fun. You can stick with plain lights or create a party atmosphere with lights that change colors. This increased visibility will give you peace of mind that every swimmer will be safe no matter what time it is.

7. Statement Floats

As you scroll through Instagram over the summer, you’ll see lots of your friends posing with cute statement floats that make their photos pop. If you want to join in on the silliness, then there are tons of unique floats to choose from. Whether you want to lounge on a taco or flamingo, statement floats will make you look and feel chic.

These Pool Accessories Will Keep You Cool This Summer

If you get these top pool accessories, then your summer is guaranteed to be a success. Since you’ll never want to leave your pool, make sure you also stock up on sunscreen.

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