Advertising & Marketing Ideas for Your Landscaping Business

Advertising & Marketing Ideas for Your Landscaping Business

Advertising and marketing techniques have come a long way since the invention and subsequent takeover of the internet and as such, tried and tested ways of marketing your gardening company through more traditional means are now not enough.

So, with that being said, here are some fabulous and relatively simple ideas for improving the advertising and marketing strategies of your landscaping business.

High Quality Photographs

One of the most wonderful responsibilities of a professional landscaper is that you are tasked with bringing your client’s vision to life and any potential roadblocks are yours to maneuverer around.

When promoting your landscaping company, you will obviously need to convince any potential new customers and clients that you are fully versed in creating aesthetically attractive and often, multi-functional outdoor spaces. As part of your marketing efforts, consider creating visually appealing brochures with the help of someone like this company offering professional booklet printing in Ottawa, ON showcasing your past projects, including detailed descriptions and stunning images taken by a professional photographer to showcase all that you have to offer. These can illustrate your attention to detail and commitment to providing comprehensive information to your clients.

Moreover, make sure you invest in high-quality gardening materials and landscaping tools from prestigious and prominent suppliers, to ensure that everything from the metal grass edging to the water features add to the beauty of the photographs.

Be Efficient with More Traditional Marketing Tools

As previously mentioned, the internet is by far the easiest and indeed, the most affordable way to promote your business. However, this is not to say that you should entirely disregard such tools, especially if your landscaping company is currently on the smaller side.

Local newspapers are an inexpensive way of getting your company name ‘out there’ and have the added benefit of specifically targeting homeowners in your local area. Have professionally printed business cards made with the name of your landscaping business and your details and leave them in local stores, cafés and paper shops. If you choose to hire a public relations specialist, they should be able to care of all of this.

Ensure you always wear branded uniform, even if this consists of a polo shirt for the summer and a long sleeved top and jacket for the winter months and for even more promotional appeal in and around your local community, consider branding your car or van too.

Take the Time to View Your Business Objectively

Finally, as you are so understandably ensconced in your business and are involved in every single element, it can be difficult to cast an objective view on what is working and conversely, what is not.

Even though you may feel this is counter-productive, taking a deliberate break or even a short holiday and trying not think about your business for just a few days can be a great way to gain perspective on how to move forward.

Take a long, hard look at your finances and your monthly outgoings, talk to any employees you have and discuss with them how they feel they could contribute to your company’s growth and also consider investing in more innovative and modern computers and computing technologies.

Finally, even though taking on the huge task and associated pressures of growing and expanding your business can seem, at times, unsurmountable, focus on the end goal and remember why you started the company in the first place.

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