Best Furniture Fabric When You Have A Cat

Look what the cat dragged in! Its claws all over your new couch.

Cats like to jump on furniture, spread out, and scratch. Our feline friends spread hair and dust into our favorite fabrics. It’s part of their natural behavior, but it ruins many pieces of good furniture.

All cat owners ask themselves, “What’s the best furniture to have around my cat?” Many people think there are only one or two options. But you have quite a few.

Here is a quick guide to the best furniture for cat owners.

What to Get

Before you think about your cat, think about what your room needs. Consider some living room and bedroom decorating tips and complement your couch to them.

Tight weave fabrics are, indeed, tightly woven. Their firm weaving is resilient against a cat’s claws and falling hair. Try to match the color of your fabric to your cat’s hair to hide any hair that does fall.

Leather is perhaps the most durable fabric. Hairs cannot rest within it, and claws cannot scratch it, especially if it has multiple layers. Select genuine leather over polyester and faux products for maximum durability.

Microfibers have tightly-woven threads that resist scratches. But the small fibers do attract fur and dust. Choose microfiber that matches a cat’s hair, and be prepared to vacuum.

Synthetic fabrics include acrylic and nylon. Synthetic couches are amongst the most cost-effective products on the market. They are also easy to clean with over-the-counter cleaners.

If you want additional protection, you can purchase a sofa scratching board. You have to assemble the boards yourself, but most are customizable to your particular couch.

What Not to Get

Many people buy a couch that matches everything else in their room. This makes the room feel less inspired and personal. Make sure to buy a couch that clashes with the other furniture in an interesting way.

Open weave fabrics are very popular. Yet open weaving leaves room for hairs to dig in. They are very hard to maintain, so avoid them if possible.

Velvet and silk are premium fabrics, but they are very delicate. They also have open weaving that leaves room for hair.

Many people think that suede is durable. But suede is not a scratch-resistant fabric, and stains soak their way through.

If you buy one of these couches, get yourself a protective covering. Place it over the whole of your couch, and wash the covering every week.

Learn About the Best Furniture for Pet Owners

Furniture brings your entire room together. Cats barrage your room with scratch marks and hair. Learn the best furniture for cats so you can live around your feline friends.

Tight weave fabrics and leather are resilient to scratch marks and hair. Sofa scratching boards provide a space for cats to scratch without ruining your furniture. Avoid open weave and velvet couches, and get yourself a couch cover just in case.

Living with a pet doesn’t have to be difficult. Learn more about life with pets by following our coverage.

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