Boosting Longevity - Tips to Make Your Lash Tint Last Longer

Boosting Longevity – Tips to Make Your Lash Tint Last Longer

After getting your lashes and brows tinted, you want them to stay show-off-able as long as possible. Here are a few things you can do to help the tint last.

These longevity “keys” aren’t New Age mumbo jumbo—they’re grounded in science and practices you’ve probably heard.

Use Clear Brow & Lashes Gel

A clear lash/brow gel used as a care product and makeup component can help your tint last longer. It not only helps to hold the color but also gives a pretty sheen and can camouflage rogue white hairs and hide holes in your brows from over-plucking or loss of hair.

Avoid getting your lashes/brows wet for 12 hours after a tinting treatment, and use a gentle cleanser on the area. Oil-based cleansers strip the tint, so opt for a cream or gel-based one.

Applying a lightweight serum daily is another tip on how long does a lash tint last. Rainbow’s Hydrate Serum is a super gentle formula that hydrates the lashes/brows and nourishes them, helping to keep them looking smooth and healthy. This product is a makeup bag must-have for any tint wearer! It’s a great alternative to wax or pomade.

Avoid Oil-Based Products

When it comes to lash and eyebrow tints, there are some things that you should avoid to help extend the color. This includes any oil-based makeup, cleanser, or eye creams. Avoiding excessive rubbing around the area is also key, as this can cause the tint to fade quickly.

Lash tints are vegetable-based dyes that semi-permanently color the hair of your lashes and eyebrows to add depth and dimension and camouflage any rogue peach fuzz or holes left from over-plucking. They can also be used to highlight features of the face and to help conceal a grey brow.

To boost the longevity of your tint, it is best to avoid water and steam for 24 hours. This can include showering, swimming or sauna use. You should also avoid using facial cleansers with exfoliants, which can cause the dye to fade quicker. Conditioning your lashes and brows with coconut or castor oil can also be beneficial for prolonging the effects of your tint.

Wear Sunglasses

A lash tint is an incredibly easy way to get that mascara look without actually having to wear mascara. The 20- to 30-minute treatment is quick and painless (the esthetician first applies a protective gel or lotion around the eyes to protect the skin from the dye).

Experts suggest avoiding chlorine exposure and harsh makeup products and wearing sunglasses outside to limit sun exposure.

They also advise limiting direct contact with oily eye makeup, like eyeliner or mascara. The most important factor in boosting longevity is getting your lashes retinted every four to six weeks or when you notice the most new hair growth. This will ensure that your lashes stay vibrant and full.

Keep Your Lashes Clean

Getting the color to last as long as possible involves more than just washing your lashes with oil-free cleansers. It also requires limiting contact with water, especially steam (from facials) and sun exposure. 

Minimizing chlorine exposure and sun, avoiding oily eye makeup and wearing sunglasses will also help prolong your lash tint. “Also, don’t brush your lashes, as this can cause them to clump and fade,” she says.

To properly clean your lashes, use a gentle cleanser on a damp spoolie or lash brush to remove any residue or dust. Then, gently splash your eyes with cool water and dry them with a tissue. Repeat this step 2-3 times a week to ensure your lashes are always in their best condition.

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