A dog crate isn't furniture... is it? Some dog owners are happily using their dog crate as furniture. Here are ways for you to join in, too.

Can You Use a Dog Crate as Furniture in Your Home?

There’s no better companion than a dog. They fill our lives with love, affection, and unconditional support that’s complete and total.

Yet, when your puppy grows into an adult dog, they chew on your nice furniture and dig into your fancy shoes. That’s when a dog crate becomes a helpful tool of discipline that’s in the best interest of you and your dog.

But did you know that you can repurpose a dog crate as furniture? Can a dog crate be used as furniture in your home? Keep reading to find out.


It can be a great way to add extra storage to your room while giving your dog a place to sleep. To make this nightstand, you will need dog crate furniture that is big enough to fit a lamp and some other small items. You will also need to find a way to attach the crate to the wall to be sturdy.

Once you have these items, you can decorate the crate however you want and add a lamp to the top. It can be a great way to save space in your room and have a place for your dog to sleep and do the crate training.

Dining Room Chair

Measure the crate and cut four legs to the desired height. Attach the legs to the box with screws. Then, measure and cut a seat and back for the chair.

Attach the seat and back to the crate with screws. Finally, add cushions and pillows to the chair for comfort.


First, find a cate that is the right size for the space where you want to put the Sofa. Second, remove the door from the dog bed. Third, put the crate in the area where you want the Sofa and put the door back on the box.

Fourth, get a piece of foam the same size as the crate and cut it to fit inside. Fifth, put the foam inside the Dog Crate and cover it with a fabric. Finally, put pillows on the Sofa for comfort.

Coffee Table

To make a coffee table using a crate, start by sanding down the box and painting or staining it to your desired finish. Then, add some legs to the container using screws and attach them to the bottom.

You can add a glass top to the crate to create a more polished look. Finally, style your new coffee table with books, magazines, or other decorations.

Get Ready to Make the Dog Crate as Furniture

If you’re looking for an attractive and functional way to add a crate to your home décor, you can’t go wrong with using a dog crate as furniture. With some creativity, you can find a crate that complements your home’s style and provides your furry friend with a cozy place to sleep. So, if you’re looking for a way to contain your dog stylishly, a crate is the way to go!

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