Maintaining a neat, tidy home does not have to be complicated. Check out our guide for the essential tips for a clean house and organized living space.

Clean Living: 5 Quick Tips for a Clean House

Even though many people become too busy to keep their houses clean, nothing beats walking into a fresh and sanitized environment. However, this can be a handful if you work full-time and are raising a family. To save time, you can always sign up for a weekly or bi-weekly visit from a cleaning service like Dash Maids. then you only have to worry about tidying up between visits.

There are too many tasks to juggle. You may wonder whether you should start vacuuming or cleaning the bathroom before your kitchen.

Here are some tips for a clean house to melt all those anxieties.

1. Clean Entire House

The most efficient tip for how to keep your house clean is to clean the entire house instead of going from one room to another. For instance, if you are going to vacuum the living room, do all the other rooms as well.

Otherwise, you will need to keep repeating the same tasks for all the other spaces when you finish one room. This can feel frustrating, as though you are stuck in a never-ending cleaning cycle.

2. Always Declutter

Before you jump into any housekeeping tips, you should always pick up all the clutter around the house. This way, you can have a lot of free space to vacuum hallways or sweep bedroom floors.

Otherwise, you will spend more time clearing away all those children’s toys from the floor with every step. You can also risk stepping on a sharp object and injuring yourself if you have a dirty floor, which is why decluttering is one of the best home organization tips.

3. Vacuuming and Dusting

When you want to dust the floors and shelves, you should always ensure that your fans and air conditioner are turned off. This will prevent dust particles from spreading through the air while you sweep.

The best way you can dust around hard-to-reach areas such as blinds and undersides of shelves is by tying a microfiber cloth to the end of your broom. Then you have a much longer duster that can also come in handy to wipe the top of your kitchen cabinets.

Finally, before you vacuum, you should ensure that you finish changing the bedsheets and wiping all the surfaces. Otherwise, you may knock over more dust and dirt on the ground if you vacuum too early.

4. Disinfecting Surfaces

You should always apply disinfectants to surfaces that come into human contact the most. These are your handrails, doorknobs, kitchen counters, light switches, TV remotes, appliances, shelves, and cabinets.

It is best to use cleaning products without chemicals to protect your family’s health. Here are the best chemical free cleaning products that are nontoxic to freshen up your home in no time.

5. Home Organization

You do not need to wax your furniture or clean the windows and bath mats every single week. It is better to prioritize cleaning tasks before putting your rubber gloves on.

You will feel more motivated to clean the house if you have a smaller checklist instead of daily scrubbing every nook and cranny.

Use Tips for a Clean House Today

With these tips for a clean house, you can expect to finish all your chores in a breeze. Instead of pacing back and forth, you can strategically plan all the areas you want to dust and mop.

Then you can grab the vacuum once everything is done to ensure that no more dirt will end up on the floor after you put the appliance back in your cupboard.

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