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Everything You Need to Care for a Pet Duck

Question. Are you a cat person or a dog person? Or, maybe goldfish float your boat?

Sometimes, the most common pets just don’t do it for you. But if you are still craving animal company, then why not think about unusual pets?

A pet duck might not be the first animal to spring to mind, but trust me. Keeping pet ducks can be fun, easy, and above all, adorable!

Can My Pet Duck Live Inside?

The first question you need to ask yourself before you think about keeping pet ducks, is can ducks living indoors work?

Ducks as much as you would love to have it snuggled up beside you indoors, need housing specific to their needs. This means that they need constant access to the things they need to stay healthy and happy.

When getting a baby duck, please remember that once they are older, they are not suited for an indoor lifestyle. They need to live outdoors and have constant access to grass, a roaming area, sunshine, water, and food. Although they may like to come inside for cuddles, it is important that all their needs are met in order to have the best life.

How to Care for a Duckling

If you want to get domesticated ducks and ducklings, then it is important that your baby ducks receive the proper care. Ducklings have to be kept dry and warm for their first month.

When you bring your pet duck home, prepare a safe spot, like a box or cage, and put it in a warm place. Ideally, it needs to be about 80-85oF. If using a lamp to supply warmth, make sure it is in the corner of the enclosure, so they can move away from it if needed.

Ducklings start getting breast feathers at about 5 weeks. Once this happens, you can move your fluffy friends outside, bit by bit each day. 

Making Your Duck Happy

Now that you are the proud owner of a cute duck, you need to make sure it has everything it needs. 

Use our duck care checklist to ensure your fluffy buddy has the best life.

  • Ducks need companionship, so if possible, consider getting 2 ducks, so they always have company.
  • Make sure they have constant access to clean water and nutritious food. They love things like veggies, pellet mash, and fruit.
  • Ensure they have a large, enclosed area where they can enjoy roaming and exploring.
  • Ducks love water, so consider creating a small pond for them to enjoy.
  • Provide a sheltered area in their enclosure, in case of bad weather.
  • Make sure their living area is always clean and sanitized.
  • Kids need to be taught how to properly treat your duck, especially as they have fragile bones and can be easily injured.
  • Give your ducks some toys! They love playing and are naturally curious. Stuffed animals and balls are good options. 
  • Set up a safe space in the house. In case your duck likes coming into your home, or you need to have him inside for safety reasons, make sure you have a secure spot for him. A crate in the corner of the room is ideal.

Above all, your duck needs love, safety, a healthy diet, and a good amount of outdoor time, every day.

Be the Best Duck Parent 

Ducks not only look cute, but they make fun and loving family pets.

Now that you know how to keep your pet duck healthy and happy, there is nothing stopping you from adopting the perfect ducks for you.

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