Exploring the Latest Color Trends in Bathroom Tiles

Exploring the Latest Color Trends in Bathroom Tiles

The current bathroom tile trends showcase a diverse color palette. From soft blues to natural green hues, the latest options help you create a refreshing space.

A bold choice like black wood look tile can prevent a white bathroom from feeling plain and dull. Meanwhile, textured tiles in patterns like diamonds and hexagons add dimension and visual appeal to your bathroom.


Terrazzo, the speckled flooring material we’re familiar with from hotel lobbies and office spaces, has come to the surface again in new bathroom designs. The material is gaining popularity as flooring, walls, and other furnishings.

While terrazzo wall tiles can add texture and interest, it pays to use the material with restraint. Too many flecks can quickly overwhelm and look busy. Instead, choose a more significant scale pattern or a honed finish to keep the material polished and refined.

A resin-based terrazzo is easy to clean and won’t require annual resealing, as cement-based terrazzo does. The material also pairs well with warm color schemes. The muted color palette and softened lines of the vanity help to temper the terrazzo’s bold impact.

New Neutrals

Neutral color tones give bathrooms a classic feel that transcends interior design trends. These color schemes pair exceptionally well with various styles, from the Hamptons style to more casual Coastal or Scandinavian themes.

Over recent years, traditional neutral color palettes have expanded to include soft pastel tones such as powder blue and blush. These fun hues infuse a bathroom with charm and personality while also complementing elegant natural materials like white marble, wood-look tile, and gold tapware.

A neutral earth-tone tile for bathrooms can also be an excellent base for contrasting accents, such as colorful mirror frames or bold patterned tiles. Because neutrals pair so well with various colors, this is a great way to make a unique statement that will stand out.

Black-and-White Monochrome

Designers aren’t afraid to go all-in on a bold color for their bathroom tile ideas, with dramatic jewel tones rising in popularity. While an entire bathroom in black may be a bit much, dark accent walls are a chic way to create a calming and cocooning atmosphere.

Traditional subway tiles are getting a fresh update as designers turn them on their sides and flip them vertically to create a unique, modern look. This look also allows adding a subtle pattern, which looks beautiful with a contrasting grout or a simple herringbone pattern.

If you’re looking for a natural bathroom design, a muted green shade that feels earthy and refined is an excellent choice. Pairing these shades with wood-framed mirrors or stone elements will combine your bathroom’s colors for a cohesive look.

Bold Colors

Bold-colored tile can provide a great way to inject personality and style into a bathroom. This trend is perfect for homeowners who want to create a unique bathroom that reflects their aesthetic. However, it can be challenging to incorporate bold tiles into a space without overwhelming the design.

Consider introducing a bold color on just one wall, like the shower, to get started with this trend. Or, use it on the floor to add a focal point that draws the eye.

Jewel tones such as ruby red and sapphire blue can evoke a sense of luxury, while pastels such as bubblegum pink and mint green can add a playful energy. Pairing these colors with black accent tiles or molding can help balance the look.

Large Format Tiles

Because tile is more durable than wallpaper and can tolerate severe cleaning agents, it is an excellent choice for a bathroom. In addition to being versatile, it’s also a great way to add a pop of color or pattern to the room. Geometric and patterned tiles, such as hexagons and herringbones, offer a stylish alternative to classic squares and rectangles.

With minimal grout lines, large format tiles create a clean, sleek look that minimizes visual interruption and helps the eye focus on the design. Large-format tiles also work well for creating a statement wall, as they do not require as much grout to keep the space feeling open and airy. Look for tiles with chiseled edges, natural pits, and other details to bring texture and dimension to the space.

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