Are you going to bring home a new puppy? If so, then check out everything you should get! Be ready for when your new pup comes home!

Getting a New Puppy? Everything You Should Get!

Did you know that over 38% of households in the United States own a dog?

If you are ready to bring a new puppy home, you are in the right place. We have put together this short guide to all the pet supplies you need for your new fur baby.

So whether you are getting a pound rescue or you are getting a puppy from a reliable retailer, such as Fox Creek Farm Goldendoodles, keep reading to learn the top items in our puppy checklist:

1. Crate

Unless your puppy is already trained, you need to invest in a crate. This is necessary when training your puppy. You can use the crate to leave your puppy in, while you are not home to avoid any accidents around the house.

This will also keep them from chewing up your things when they are teething.

2. Harness and Leash

A harness is the best way to avoid injuring your puppy’s neck. Sometimes a collar might be too much when you are walking them because in the beginning, they might have the tendency to pull. You can discover more about harness options to choose the best one for your specific breed and size.

You might want to invest in two different leashes. One good idea is a training leash. This will help while you train them during your walking sessions.

We also recommend buying a leash with a short drag line to keep your puppy closer while you are walking them on a regular leash.

3. Nametag

Sometimes puppies can be little escape artists while they are becoming familiar with their home and surroundings. You can buy a nametag at your local pet store or you can order one online. Make sure that it has your puppy’s name and also the best phone number to reach you.

We also recommend having your puppy microchipped in case he loses his collar.

4. Food

It is best to not buy the cheapest food out there because these tend to have fewer nutrients and more fillers. Premium puppy food will give your little fur baby the nutrients it needs and will help keep them healthier.

It is your choice whether you want to give your puppy dry food, wet food, or a mix of both.

5. Toys

Puppies will go through a teething phase, so it is a good idea to have toys with different textures. Also, buy a few plush toys for your pup, not just rubber chew toys. Encourage your puppy to play with these if you see them chewing on your items.

If you’re having a hard time with them only chewing on their toys, you can try a no-chew spray to see if it helps deter them from nibbling on your things.

Ready for Your New Puppy?

We hope that now that you have the list of all of the supplies you need for your new puppy, you are ready to pick up your new family member and enjoy some puppy cuddles and laughs.

Feel free to keep browsing this section for more pet tips.

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