Getting You And Your Horse Ready For Spring: Top Tips

Getting You And Your Horse Ready For Spring: Top Tips

Spring is the perfect time to get ready to hit the trails with your horse. With the warmer weather and longer days, it’s the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with your horse and explore the outdoors. To make sure you and your horse are prepared for the season ahead, you need to take some time to get ready. From reducing the risk of laminitis to taking the time to wash and store your winter rugs, here are some top tips to help you get ready for Spring.

Reduce Laminitis Risk By Gradually Increasing Turnout Time

Over winter, you might have had to keep your horse in or reduce how much time they could spend in the field. As the weather warms up, your horse can finally enjoy more time out, but this comes with risks. Spring grass contains high levels of starches and sugars; this ferments in your horse’s gastrointestinal tracts, which affects the balance of bacteria and can trigger laminitis in high amounts. In order to reduce the risk of laminitis, it’s vital that you gradually increase the turnout time over a matter of weeks so that they can become accustomed to the diet change the rich Spring grass brings. 

Book Your Trailer In For A Service

It’s likely that your trailer or horse box has been sitting idling over winter as getting out and about for safe hacks and rides was more difficult. Now the weather has begun to improve, you may be considering taking your horse out to a beach or for a long trail ride. However, before you bundle your horse on board with all your tack, consider booking a service. A service will help check your transport is in top condition, which means you can focus on getting your horse to load and having a fun ride without worrying about any breakdowns along the way.

Invest In New Travel Rugs

Speaking of getting out and about, you may also want to consider investing in new travel rugs, as many equestrians find that over the winter months, mice have gotten into them and caused irreparable damage. Even if you check your gear and find you’ve been lucky not to have any rodent visits, it’s always a good idea to check your travel rugs are still fit for purpose and invest in new ones if they’re not. To help you find the best gear for Spring, check out the Horseware collection. In the new Horseware collection, you can find everything you might need for Spring, including top-quality travel rugs that help keep your horse comfortable during long journeys.

Get Your Winter Rugs Washed And Stored For Next Year

During winter, your horse’s rugs will have gotten covered in mud and may even have some small tears if their field mate likes to hang off of them. Once your horse no longer needs their winter rugs, it’s important to take the time to get them washed and stored away for next year. This will ensure they’re ready for the next cold snap and clear space for the gear you need out for the warmer months. However, before you put anything away, check your rugs for damage and get them repaired first, as this will save you time repairing them next year when you already need to use them.

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