Repairing or installing a new garage door does not need to take the whole day. Here's everything you need to know about professional garage door installation.

How Long Does It Take To Install a New Garage Door?

In 2021, American homeowners spent an average of $538 million on home improvement projects.

Upgrading your exterior is a great way to improve the look and value of your home. Garage door installation can bring new curb appeal. It is useful for style enhancements to your home.

But have you wondered how long it will take to install a new garage door? With the right team and efficient installation. You can be well on your way to enjoying your new garage door in no time at all!

Read on to learn more about how long it takes to install a new garage door. 

The Process of Installing a New Garage Door

New garage door installation is a project you can do yourself, with a little help from some friends. This is a two-person job, so gather up a helper and follow these steps.

Prep the Area

The first step is to make sure the area around your garage door is clear. This means removing any debris, including leaves and branches, as well as any hoses or flower pots. 

Measure the Door

Next, you need to measure the door. Most doors are standard sizes, but it’s still important to get the measurements right. To do this, measure the width of the door opening and the height from the floor to the center of the opening.

Buy the Door

Once you have the measurements, you can buy the door. You can do this at a home improvement store or online. Make sure to get the right size and style for your home.

Remove the Old Door

Now it’s time to remove the old door. First, disconnect the opener, if you have one. Then, remove the springs and cables, being careful not to lose any hardware.

Next, remove the panels one at a time, starting at the top. Once all the panels are removed, you can take out the old door.

Install the New Door

Start by attaching the bottom panel to the door opening. Then, add the second panel and continue until all the panels are in place. Make sure to secure all the panels with screws.

Once the panels are in place, you can install the springs and cables. To do this, first, attach the springs to the brackets on the sides of the door. Then, stretch the cables across the top of the door and attach them to the brackets on the other side.

If you are unable to do this the right way. Hire a professional installation technician in these locations. They can also accommodate garage door repairs.

How Long Does It Take To Install a New Garage Door?

The size of your garage door will also affect the installation time. A standard single garage door is usually between 9 and 16 feet wide and 7 to 8 feet tall. A double garage door is usually between 16 and 24 feet wide and 7 to 8 feet tall.

It generally takes between two and four hours to install a new garage door. 

Start Your Door Installation Now

If you’re thinking about installing a new garage door and wondering how long it will take. The answer depends on a few factors, but in general, you can expect it to take a few hours.

If you’re experienced with home improvement projects, you may be able to do it yourself. But, if you’re not comfortable with that, it’s best to hire a professional. Either way, you can expect the project to take a few hours.

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