When it comes to professional tree removal, you should know the prices you can expect to pay. Learn more about the average cost right here.

How Much Does Professional Tree Removal Cost?

Properly disposing of a tree that’s already fallen requires a little know-how.

Knowing how to break a tree down for removal on your own can be dangerous. The important thing to remember is to hire a pro. Professionals have the equipment and knowledge to make safe and efficient work of the task.

Before you call the professionals for tree removal, you’ll need to know how much they charge. It’s important to figure it out before you hire them.

Here, we discuss what factors contribute to what you would expect to pay for professional tree removal. Read further to know more.

Factors That Affect the Price of Tree Removal

Professional tree removal costs can be anywhere between a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, depending on the factors that affect the price.

Tree Size

The larger the tree, the bigger the expense, as tree removal services will want to factor in the extra effort and cost for the bigger job. Generally, smaller trees can cost anywhere from $200 to $400 to remove. Larger trees can range from $700 to upwards of over $1500.

The size of the tree can affect the cost, as larger trees require more equipment, manpower, and hours to remove safely. Select the tree service you can trust if you are looking for professional tree removal services.

Location of the Tree

Tree removal procedures in urban areas generally require traffic control, specialized equipment, and added yard work safety precautions. It also requires additional labor time, making the price higher than if the tree was located in a rural area. A tree that is close to power lines or other structures may also require extra safety precautions, and the added complexity of the job may drive up the price.

Therefore, the exact tree removal cost may vary drastically within the same region depending on the specifics of each tree.

Tree Condition

Older or diseased trees often require more intensive work to remove and may cost more than removing a younger, healthier tree. Trees with a lot of dead branches or those located in difficult-to-access areas can also cost more to remove. Additionally, stump removal and tree chipping services may add to the total cost of tree removal.

The Difficulty of the Job

Some simple services, such as pruning, might cost a few hundred dollars, but removing an entire tree could cost thousands. If the tree is dead, it may be more difficult to remove and, therefore, more expensive. If there are power lines in the area, this must be taken into account when determining a price.

Professionals understand all these variables and will work with you to find the best price possible. Ultimately, the more difficult the task, the more it will cost.

Professional Tree Removal: Is It a Necessity?

The cost of professional tree removal can vary greatly depending on the size and location of the tree. Overall, homeowners should expect to pay between $200 – $1500 for tree removal.

Tree removal is best done by qualified and experienced tree removal professionals, as they have the correct equipment and skills to keep everyone safe and get the job done. Don’t let tree removal worry you, contact a professional today to get an accurate estimate and start on your tree removal project.

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