How Nature Can Help Addiction Recovery

How Nature Can Help Addiction Recovery

Something as simple as going for a walk for a few minutes can work wonders in calming you down and making you feel good. When you’re going through a life transition, such as substance abuse recovery, nature can be the ultimate location for a successful recovery. From trees to animals to fresh air, read on to see why returning to nature may be the right choice when recovering from drugs or alcohol.

Fresh Air

When out in the countryside, you have access to better air. After all, houses are further apart, and there are fewer cars on the road. As a result, fewer gas emissions are clogging the air and creating pollution. You could easily step outside your backyard or walk for miles and still have high-quality air to breathe. 

Gardening Is Therapeutic

You don’t have to already possess a green thumb to enjoy the benefits of gardening. Most Americans cite gardening as a way to relax at home. Gardening can be equally relaxing and therapeutic when it comes to addiction recovery. After all, you’re allowed to connect with the natural world and see something that you’re planting grow into something healthy. It allows you to enjoy the beautiful colors from the blooms of flowers to green grass. Enjoy the cute critters that nature can attract. When gardening, you may see ladybugs, grasshoppers, butterflies, and bumblebees, as well as hear the enticing sounds of hummingbirds.

Vitamin D

It’s easy to take in the rays of the sun when you have a comfortable natural environment. After all, if you’re in a city space, you may be surrounded by skyscrapers that don’t allow you to enjoy the sun in the same way. Plus, sunshine is how you can get your natural daily supply of vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential for processing calcium, which can help you build strong bones and teeth. During recovery, you may have to work extra hard to rebuild your physical health back, and getting your vitamin D, A, C, and other minerals is essential to doing that.

Mediation Opportunities

You can meditate anytime, even in a crowded city space, if you can find a quiet room. However, when you’re out in a more natural environment like the drug rehab center in Oklahoma, you have a better opportunity to find the quiet needed to meditate. You may have a strict meditation session in your room, in your garden, sit by a river stream, or walk a cornfield and meditate there. You may incorporate mindful breathing as you’re walking. This mindfulness can help reduce anxiety and depression that may be lingering.

As you can see, nature has many benefits people may not realize. When you’re trying to have a successful recovery from alcohol or drugs, you need to be in the right environment. There’s no better place than untouched nature, where you can have the sights, smells, animals, and quiet time needed on this next journey.

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