If you want lush, green grass, then you have to fertilize. Fertilizing a lawn can create the best lawn on the block. But how often should you fertilize?

How Often Should You Be Fertilizing a Lawn?

All your neighbors have a beautiful lawn, and then there’s yours. The grass is beginning to turn brown. It crunches when you walk across it to go to your car.

How do you restore your grass and make it look as lush as your neighbors? Fertilizing a lawn is the answer. Doing so will provide your grass with all the nutrients that it needs.

The tricky part is choosing the right time to fertilize. How often are you supposed to do it?

We’ve got the answers to all these burning questions and more. Check out this guide to learn when you should break out the lawn fertilizer.

How Soon Can You Apply Lawn Fertilizer After Seeding?

You would think that you would apply fertilizer to your lawn right after seeding, but that isn’t the case. You should use it before or during.

This will allow the seeds to make the most out of the nutrients and grow up big and strong.

When to Fertilize

It’s important to fertilize with a product like Hornspäne two to four times a year if you want to keep it healthy. Spring, Summer, and Fall are opportune times to get the job done.


When the frost from winter begins to melt from the warm spring weather, your lawn will wake up starving.

That’s why spring is the best time to fertilize a lawn. It will replenish the valuable nutrients that the grass lost during the winter.

When you notice your lawn perk up in late February and early April, go out and sprinkle fertilizer on it.

You can push fertilizing back as far as June. During this time, your grass is using up all its pent-up energy. Supplying it with nutrients will help it in this endeavor and keep it going.


The hot summer weather isn’t friendly to grass by any means. The sun has the habit of burning yards to a crisp. Not to mention, insects are busy around this time of year, and if you’ve got a lot of summer BBQs going on, the added foot traffic won’t do your grass any favors.

If you want to maintain a healthy lawn, consider applying fertilizer between June and August.


During the winter, your grass will go down for a long nap. It will need to have plenty of energy stored up that it can use during the cold months.

Give your grass what it needs by fertilizing in November right before the frost hits.

Does the Time of Day Matter?

You can fertilize your lawn whenever you want. As long as the temperature is cooler than 90 degrees, you’re good to go!

If you’re worried about killing your grass by applying fertilizer at an inopportune time, visit Summitlawnslincoln.com.

Fertilizing a Lawn and Keeping Grass Healthy

As you can see, when it comes to fertilizing a lawn, there is a right and wrong time to do it. If you’re not careful, you could end up killing your grass.

That’s the last thing you want! We hope that you’re able to use the pointers that you’ve read here today to keep your lawn looking great all year round. For more ways to take care of your yard, visit the Home & Garden section of our blog.

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