Do you own a home? Worried about home security? Check out this helpful guide on how to better protect your home from various threats.

How to Better Protect Your Home: A Helpful Guide

Did you know crime has increased since the lockdown from the pandemic ended? If you want to learn how to secure your home from an invasion, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over how you can protect your home from burglars.

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Use Bright Lighting On the Exterior of Your Home

You can deter criminals by installing bright lighting on the outside of your home. Most criminals will look at hiding in dark places or spots that are empty and difficult to see.

A well-lit yard will deter most burglars. Leave a few interior lights on at home if you need to go out for the night.

You can create the illusion that someone’s at home. Make a habit of leaving a few lights on before you head out. Some people will also install a spotlight camera.

Consider Adding Security Cameras

Burglars sometimes get foiled by security camera footage. Sometimes, you can add security cameras to your entire home security system.

Use a security camera that has a mobile app. You will be able to look at the footage in real time. Make sure you have high-speed and reliable internet like the kind found with spectrum internet plans. The apps are only as good as your connection. Then you can also store the footage online and keep it if you ever need to bring evidence to the police.

Check out other extra features like night vision or motion detection. Some people get security cameras that have two-way talk or wifi-capability.

You might also have access to cloud or local storage. Make sure you get waterproof casing for your outdoor cameras.

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Plant Some Bushes and Shrubs

You could also look at planting bushes below accessible windows. Make sure the bushes have some thorny or pointed ends. This could deter a burglar.

Make sure the plants in your yard get trimmed. This way, the plants won’t end up being a hiding spot for burglars.

Invest In a Few Alarms

Alarms may not deter a burglar from entering your home. Yet, alarms will guard your home when you’re away.

An alarm system that detects smoke will alert you to a fire at home. You won’t be able to watch over your house daily. Consider getting an alarm system.

You can connect alarm systems to windows and doors. The alarm will give you a few moments to get your family and protect them.

Post Security Signage Around Your Home

Consider advertising that you have a burglar alarm. If the burglar sees this sign, they might end up moving to the next home.

Make sure you put a few signs up around your property.

Secure the Outer Doors

Enhancing the security of your home starts with addressing the vulnerability of exterior doors in apartments or houses. For an added layer of protection, consider asking your landlord to install a steel door with a secure opener and closer— you can click here for automatic door opener options that effortlessly combine convenience with security.

Reinforcing the jamb, hinges, and striker plate is another effective measure if a steel door isn’t feasible. Strengthening these key elements will significantly impede burglars, potentially discouraging them altogether during their attempt to open the door.

Make Sure You Don’t Show Off Valuable Items

Are there items that are visible or accessible on your lawn or from your window? Don’t leave out expensive things like a new vehicle, a parked riding mower, or a new barbeque.

If a burglar finds a high-ticket item near the home or in the yard, they might assume expensive items are inside.

Keep the Spare Keys Well-Hidden

Most people think that having a hidden key is helpful in an emergency. Yet, most burglars know that people will hide a key near the home.

Burglars will watch a home before they break into it. Sometimes, they will have watched it so carefully that they know where the spare key’s placed.

If you want to have a spare key, make sure you put it in an obscure spot.

Lock up the Garage

When securing your home, make sure you don’t forget about your garage. Garages tend to be a popular entry point into a house for criminals.

Get into the habit of securing your garage. Lock both interior and exterior doors. Keep the garage door opener inside your house. This way, the burglar can’t get the opener from your vehicle.

If you use a security code, keep the code secret. Don’t open your garage in front of delivery people or even your neighbors.

You can secure your garage with a smart garage door opener. Make sure you cover the windows so that you can hide the items inside.

Strengthen your garage doors by using extra locks.

What Happens During a Break-In?

If your alarm goes off and your dog is barking, you’ll need to figure out the next steps.

You shouldn’t focus on trying to bring valuables with you or taking old photos. Instead, make a plan to get you, your family, and pets outside as fast as possible.

Share the plan with your family. You want them to have an idea of what to expect. Every family should have a few escape routes planned. This way, if the first plan doesn’t work, you can try a backup plan.

Now You Know How to Protect Your Home From an Invasion

We hope this guide on home security was helpful. Now that you have tips on how to protect your home from an invasion, make a plan. Sit down with your family and discuss escape plans.

Consider getting security cameras installed and get extra exterior lighting. Keep spare keys well hidden.

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