How to Choose Between Saline and Silicone Implants

How to Choose Between Saline and Silicone Implants

There are so many reasons why you may want to reshape your breasts. Perhaps you had a breast reduction but now aren’t happy with the shape of them. Perhaps you had uneven breasts. Perhaps you want a larger chest. There are so many reasons why you may want to augment your breasts. At the end of the day, it’s your body, and entirely up to you. Most people who get breast cosmetic surgeries do it for them and them alone. At the end of the day, the whys are private, the how’s? That’s where this guide comes into play.

Silicone vs Saline: Your Breast Implant Options

If you reshape your breast, you will need an implant. It doesn’t matter if you’re just getting a breast lift or if you’re enlarging your breasts, you will need an implant. Implants are how you change the shape of your boob. In some cases, you may even need an implant if you’re getting a reduction, just so they end up in the right shape after removing fatty tissue.

That’s why you need to know what the implant is made of and which is best for you. Do keep in mind that they are very similar, right down to how long they’ve been in use (the 1960s). 

How to Choose the Right Option For You

Always book a consultation to learn more about implants and which ones are right for you. Not only can you discuss the types of implants, but also the types of results you can expect as well as the cost and recovery time. Ultimately taking the time to make the best decision for your body and budget is critical so that you can be 100% happy with the results.


Silicone is considered to be the premium implant. When you learn more about them, you’ll immediately notice that silicone implants typically cost $2000 more than saline options, and start around $9000. This is a hefty price, but they are a premium product. Silicone is the top choice for those throughout Europe, South America, Canada, and now, the USA. The reason why American women were so slow on the uptake is because the FDA only lifted the restriction on silicone gel implants in 2006. This means that women everywhere now have the option for this premium option.

Silicone is naturally soft, and feels more natural than silicone. They are also longer lasting, which lower rates of rippling or wrinkling (in comparison to saline). Silicone are the go-to option because they provides the most natural-looking results, both in look and feel. The downside, however, is that they require a longer scar. You also won’t be able to tell if they’ve ruptured without an MRI.


Saline is a water-base implant. You need to go in less often for revision surgery to get the look you want. They are also the cheaper option, making them more accessible to many. They are also slightly more fragile. If the implant ruptures, however, the body will absorb the saline solution. This will mean your breasts will immediately look smaller, but there’s also less risk. Saline implants are also heavier, and can shift downwards. In general, you can expect saline implants to start around $7000.

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