Do you want to know how to clean a front door? How often do you clean yours? Read on to learn how to clean the right way.

How To Clean a Front Door

99% of realtors agree that curb appeal is crucial when it comes to selling your home! However, if you’re not looking to put your home on the market, you can still ensure your home looks great.

Whether you’re getting ready to sell or are tired of your unsightly front door, giving your entryway a refresh is a great way to make your home look more welcoming. However, knowing how to clean a front door is a bit more involved than just washing it with soap and water.

If you’re unsure how to make your front door look like new, you’ll want to keep reading for some of the best tips and tricks to help boost the curb appeal of your home.

Check for Damage

Before you begin cleaning, checking the door for damage is crucial. If the area is warped, chipped, cracked, or peeling, adding water and cleaning supplies can further the damage.

If you notice problems with your door, fixing them before cleaning is crucial.

Carefully inspect your door for any damage or dents before cleaning. Similarly, check the weatherstripping around your door, and examine any chipped areas for signs of rotting.

You’ll also want to check the area around your hardware, as you’ll want to replace any fixtures that are damaged before you finish cleaning. If you wait too long to fix the door, it can make the time you spend cleaning fruitless, as a spotless door riddled with damage can impact the appearance.

Gather Supplies

Next, you’ll need to gather all of the supplies necessary to make the front door cleaning job easier. 

To begin, you’ll need your cleaning supplies. These will vary depending on the material of your door, but in general, you’ll need to start with a good dust solution.

You’ll also need soap and water to rinse away all the stubborn built-up grime and dirt. In many cases, gentle dish soap is okay to use, but if you have a special paint or finish on the door, you may need a more specific soap that won’t strip or fade the material.

If you have glass on your doors, you’ll also need a glass cleaner to help prevent streaking from the other cleaners.

Finally, you’ll need a bucket, a sponge, a vacuum, paper towels, a microfiber cloth, a polishing cloth, and an optional squeegee.


To start washing your front door, you’ll need to start by dusting. This is crucial, as it helps make the process of cleaning much easier. 

To begin, use a vacuum to help loosen up any stubborn dust stuck to your door. This is also a great time to vacuum the door frame, which often becomes riddled with dirt and dust due to the heavy foot traffic in and out of your home. 

Next, you’ll want to spray your dust cleaner on a microfiber cloth and wipe down the entirety of the door. Applying the cleaner directly on the door can lead to wasted product and a streaky appearance, as well as the build-up of products.

Clean Glass

Next, you’ll want to clean any glass portions on your front door.

Ensuring your glass is crystal clear helps improve the appearance of your entryway. Spray glass cleaner on your door and use a paper towel or a squeegee to wipe it clean. A squeegee is great if you want a completely streak-free appearance.

However, some homeowners also swear by wiping glass cleaner with newspaper, as it doesn’t leave a streaky appearance! This is one of the best secret front door cleaning tips, as you likely have plenty of old paper lying around.

If you have entirely glass Renewal by Andersen patio doors, you know how important it is to keep your glass clean. If it’s riddled with streaks, hand prints, and other marks, it creates a dirty and unsightly appearance.

This is especially true if you have children and pets, as kids will often leave hand prints on the glass while dogs leave nose prints. 

Cleaning Wood or Fiberglass

Next, you’ll want to wash the actual door. Often, harsh weather blows rain, dirt, and snow onto your door which leads to a build-up of dirt and grime.

To clean wood and fiberglass, you’ll want to use mild dish detergent and warm water. Fill your bucket with water, apply a small bit of soap to a sponge, and gently scrub. 

Make sure not to use an abrasive sponge as this can damage the material and create micro scratches. These micro scratches can harbor dirt and dust, making your door look worse.

Many assume they should powerwash their door, but this can lead to stripping the stain and damaging the door. Plus, if you have glass on or near your door, power washing can be a disaster if the water contacts the glass.

Scrubbing Screen Doors

If you have a screen door in front of your front door, you’ll want to ensure it’s clean. However, this can be tricky as cleaning screens are notoriously difficult. 

You’ll want to begin by removing the screen door off the hinges. This allows you the chance to clean it properly without damaging your main door. 

To clean your screen door, you’ll want to use a low-pressure hose to remove any dirt stuck in the mesh. Next, you’ll want to use your mild soap and water to loosen any stubborn dirt that’s built up on the mesh before hosing it off one more time.

Let it fully dry before reattaching it to its hinges.

Clean Hardware

Once you’ve cleaned the door itself, you’ll want to pay attention to the hardware. Though small, these details can influence the overall appearance of your door!

Cleaning the hinges with a metal polish is a great way to make your door look better. You can use a soft-bristled toothbrush to reach the touch areas and use a polishing cloth to help make them shine.

Similarly, using metal polish on your doorknobs and knockers is a great way to improve the overall appearance of your door. After all, if you’re door is spotless, but the fixtures are filthy, it can ruin the appearance!

How Often?

How often you clean a front door depends on where you live. 

If you live in an area with a harsh climate and severe weather, you’ll want to clean at least once a year, if not twice a year. This is especially true for those who live in a windy climate, as the wind can force dirt onto your door.

Similarly, if you live somewhere arid and dusty, like the Southwest, cleaning frequently is ideal as you may notice an increase in dirt and dust coating your front door.

However, wiping down and staying on top of cleaning will make the process much easier. You don’t need to complete the entire process every season, but quickly wiping down your door every few months is crucial.

If you wait until the dirt is severe, it will make this process much more laborious than it needs to be. Instead, Frequently wiping your door down can help make the process much easier. 

Ways to Improve Your Entryway

Finally, you’ll want to ensure that your entryway is up to par! If you spend all your time cleaning a front door only for it to be bland is fruitless and doesn’t help the curb appeal of your home.

Adding a fresh coat of paint or stain to your door can help refresh and liven up the appearance of your home. You will want to ensure you repaint or stain when the door is clean, as dirt and dust can make it difficult to get an even coat.

You may also want to consider adding a fun wreath or door decoration to your front entrance, helping to create visual interest. Similarly, adding flowers or seasonal decor around your front door helps make your home appear more warm and welcoming. Just don’t forget to clean them when you wash your front door!

How to Clean a Front Door: Your Simple Guide

Though cleaning your front door may not seem like an important task, it can greatly influence the appearance of your home. The front of your home is the first thing guests see when they arrive, so making a good first impression is crucial.

If you’re ready to improve the appearance of your front home, thanks to the help of this guide on how to clean a front door, you’ll want to check out the rest of our website. There, you’ll find more of the best home and lifestyle tips and tricks to improve the appearance of your property.

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