How To Express Authenticity On Social Media

Social media has over the years evolved in so many ways. It has changed from just a place where you can show others how much fun you and your friends are having on a holiday to a place where you can find a job. You need to be authentic because you never know who could be viewing your profile; it could be your next boss or even your next big client.  

With the many pressures that the world presents to social media users, remaining real and true to yourself is relevant. Although at times, you can find yourself caught between showing your best self or being authentic. 

Social media is a great space that has allowed the world to look so small by enabling cultures to be shared easily. Remember the days when you had a pen pal who was miles away. You would write letters and wait weeks or months to get a reply. Social media has made this even simpler by presenting real-time chatting. Now, there is no need to wait forever to get a reply unless you’re offline. Even, posts quickly go viral, all it takes is one click, and the news spreads like wildfire. 

5 Ways to Express Authenticity

  1. Post Genuine Photos 

Avoid photoshopping your pictures and using old images from ages ago. Some people will tweak their photos to an extent where they are barely recognizable. Most times, people are shocked when they meet celebrities as they look totally different from the photoshopped pictures posted on the media.

Instead of tweaking your photos rather make minor adjustments to your hair and make-up. You can even check out how to whiten teeth and the most trendy hairstyles. 

  1. Watch what You Post

Avoid negative posts, stay positive and encouraging to others. If your posts are always negative and discouraging, your followers and anyone who views your profile could perceive you as a pessimist. Most times, if you are pessimistic, you are seen as someone very difficult to work with.

  1. Express Genuine Pleasure when others Post Good Moments

Be genuinely happy for others when they post their best moments. You can do this by commenting positively or even asking for advice and tips on achieving the same look. 

  1. Have Variety in your Posts

When posting, don’t always post the same thing. For example, some people with children will post nothing else but their kids for the next five years, forgetting that some struggle with infertility and conception issues. Mix up your posts, have jokes, family portraits, etc. 

  1. Pair Self Promotion with Gratitude

Most times, people will share great things that are happening to them because they are excited. Sometimes people could see this as boasting, but if you pair up your excitement with gratitude for the support they showed you, it turns into a different story. 


Human beings were created to be social beings. Being socially connected plays an important role in our mental health and happiness. There are many psychological costs to being fake; therefore, just remember to stay real. Don’t allow the pressure to swallow you. Remember, on social media; people, post what they want you to see. 

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