If you want to have a perfect lawn, there are several steps to take. This informative guide will teach you how to get green grass.

How to Get Green Grass: A Homeowner’s Guide

A beautiful yard can bring all kinds of benefits. From having a place to relax and entertain your friends to increasing the resale value of your home, it makes a big difference.

If you’re wondering how to get green grass that makes you want to spend the evenings in the backyard, read on. In this article, we’ll let you in on some lawn care tips to make your yard the envy of the neighborhood.

Choose the Right Season to Plant

If you want beautiful grass, you can’t wait until the middle of summer to start planting. The best time to plant or revitalize your lawn is during the springtime or autumn. So, plan ahead and be ready to plant when the time is right.

If you’ve already waited too long, all hope isn’t lost. You can still see results from reseeding and fertilization, but it won’t be as green and lush as if you had planned ahead.

Pick the Most Optimal Variety

There are obviously many different types of grass that you can plant. The key is to do a little research into what grows the best in your area. Bermuda grass tends to thrive in warmer climates, while perennial ryegrass does better in cooler areas.

You can find out where your home lies in the USDA growing zones here. Most importantly, you want to find out if you need warm or cool season grasses.

Fertilize Accordingly

Once you’ve decided on the perfect variety of green grass for your yard, you can start to fertilize. When you fertilize will depend on the variety you’ve planted.

If you have cool season grasses, you’ll need to fertilize during the springtime and autumn. If instead, you live in a warm grass area, you’ll be fertilizing while the grass is growing in the spring and summer.

Make Watering a Habit

You can’t always count on the rain to water your grass. If you’re not someone who thinks about maintenance on a regular basis, it’s important to put an irrigation system in place that takes the pressure off of you.

Landscape experts like those at Hydrodynamicscorp.com can design and install a lawn irrigation system tailored to your needs. 

Reseed Bare Spots

Even with the best of intentions, bare spots can happen. They can ruin the overall look of your gorgeous lawn, but there are solutions. When spots like these appear, you can reseed the area.

Use landscaping tips like gently raking over the areas you put new seeds down on. Plan on watering thoroughly and paying extra attention for the first few days.

Show Your Neighbors How to Get Green Grass

While it may seem overwhelming, it’s simple to learn how to get green grass to cover your lawns. Follow the tips above and the grass really will be greener on the other side of your neighbor’s fence.

Are you looking for other tips and tricks to keep your home the best on the block? Check out more informative articles on our blog to stay in the know.

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