How to Host a Wedding in Your Backyard

How to Host a Wedding in Your Backyard

Home is where the heart is, so where better to host your wedding than your own backyard? If you plan on having a micro wedding or, alternatively, having a large outdoor space at your disposal, you can put together a truly stunning event on every budget. From sweet to extravagant, there is a lot you can do (and save) since you’ll already have the venue ready to be dressed up.


Every wedding needs to have drinks – even if you’re going alcohol-free for whatever reason. Alcohol or not, the drinks you serve need to be delicious. The best way to do this is to hire a bartender. There are private event bartenders for hire to cater to your event, no matter how big or small it may be. With them working your event, you’ll be able to enjoy your big day with peace of mind knowing that your guests are enjoying themselves without overdoing it.


Food is big for any wedding, but it doesn’t need to be out of this world. If you’re on a tight budget, you can host a potluck event and request everyone bring something to eat. To get the best variety, create a document outlining what everyone brings. This way, guests can coordinate with each other and share the load equally. You will also be able to see if anything is missing.

If it is in your budget to get catering, do it. Try to get simple fan-favorites to please the whole crowd. It’s also a good idea to offer both main dishes and small bites, so your guests can stay well-fed throughout the period.


Being in an outdoor space immediately makes your wedding feel amazing. Unfortunately, it also means you need to account for the weather. Try to book a tent that will comfortably house everyone in one place while looking great in your space itself. This tent can be a small gazebo all the way to a large party tent that can hold over a hundred and a dance floor. You can even get teepee-style tents for that extra romance.

As for flowers, you can pick them fresh yourself, bring in a florist to add some stunning arrangements, or just rely on your own garden.


Entertainment is a huge part of any big wedding. If you don’t have a band space, get high-quality speakers. If you can get the blue-tooth type, that you can then spread it around the garden space to offer 360-music coverage even better. You will need to be careful with these, of course. If it might rain, you’ll need to cover them and even give them some sort of rain cover.

Though it is a party, don’t expect your guests to have a riotous time alone. Get lawn games, create a photo wall, and more so that your guests have things they can do and focus their efforts around. With good vibes, good food, and great drinks, everything else will be handled from there.

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