How to Prepare Your Cats for When You Go on Vacation

How to Prepare Your Cats for When You Go on Vacation

Cats are beautiful, intelligent, and curious creatures, and it is not so much that you allow them to share your home, but rather they are gracing you with their presence, and you should be honored.

Some people, usually those who prefer dogs, would probably say that if you are planning on a short trip away to a friend’s home in another state, for example, your cat will not only be able to fend for itself for a few days but moreover will probably not even notice you have gone.

In reality, however, you have to plan for your cat’s care when you go on vacation, and here are the main things you should consider in the process.

Ask a Neighbor to Look In

Unlike dogs and rabbits, you definitely do not need to hire the services of a trusted friend or loved one to stay at your home and ‘babysit’ your pets.

However, asking a neighbor who you trust to leave your house keys and sentimental possessions in the care of will not only mean that your cat has someone to check in on them but also that your home is safe, secure, and looked after while you are away.

If you do not have a cat-flap and tend to let your cat out of the back door whenever they want to leave and let them back in when they return, this is a better option for your neighbor as it will keep a routine for your cat.

Automatic Pet Feeders

One fantastic piece of modern technology that cat owners in the past would have given their proverbial right arm for is an automatic pet feeder.

Essentially, automatic pet feeders work by dispensing a predetermined amount of cat food by you, which suits your cat’s disposition and is in line with the vet’s advice, and releases it on a schedule that you set before you leave. If you are unsure as to the right amount of food and the number of times a day you should be feeding your cat, a helpful and friendly vet, such as those at, will be more than happy to help.

If you are heading out for more than a night and cannot ask a neighbor or loved one to look in on your cat, investing in two automatic pet feeders will ensure that if one malfunctions, your cat will receive all the nutrients that it needs.

Water Dispensers

Even more important than ensuring your cat is fed, whether or not you have a secure cat-flap that your cat can use to enter and exit the home freely, is a fresh supply of water. Even though your cat would be more than a little angry if you returned after a night spent in a hotel having forgotten to feed it, it will still survive if it has fresh water.

An automatic water dispenser is an absolute must-have for any cat owner, and it is strongly advisable to always have one in your home’s kitchen or living room, whether or not you are there to fill up the bowl manually.

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