Is your utility bill going through the roof? Learn how to save energy at home and cut your energy costs with these 5 easy tips.

How to Save Energy at Home: 5 Easy Ways To Cut Your Utility Bill

58% of the energy created in the U.S. is wasted. It powers nothing of use but burns up all the resources anyway.

This waste occurs all along the energy pathway, from energy manufacturing to your home. While you can’t personally do much about what happens at the plants, you can make sure you waste as little as possible at home.

Here’s how to save energy at home in 5 simple tips.

1. Kill Vampire Energy

Most of the things in your house right now that are plugged into an outlet are using energy – even if they aren’t charging anything or actively in use.

They’re called energy vampires, and they lurk everywhere, from the light on your TV, to the chargers still plugged into the wall.

We’re not just talking about pennies’ worth of energy. Energy vampires can account for as much as 20% of your electric bill! Get power strips that are easy to turn on and off so you can slay these vampires when they aren’t in use.

2. Upgrade Your AC

AC is your biggest contributor to your energy bill, especially in the summer – but if you’re AC is out of sorts, it’s just eating up your money.

Make sure your AC unit is regularly maintained, and fix it if you need to. The savings are worth it.

3. Get Better Windows

Windows act as one of the main insulators in your home. If they aren’t working properly, your heating money goes straight out the window.

That’s why now is the perfect time for replacing your old windows. Doing so will keep your home better insulated, and save you money and energy.

4. Use Less Electricity

Ever leave a room but the light is still on? Can you cut down on screen time? Can you change the temperature by a few degrees?

Finding little hacks in your life to use less electricity stack up. Turn off devices when they aren’t in use instead of leaving them plugged in, and avoid using as much electricity as possible.

5. Switch to Sustainable

If you can upgrade any appliance to an energy-saving version, you’re making more sustainable choices. Some of the best places to start are with your washer and dryer and your refrigerator.

But switching out lightbulbs for more energy-efficient options will help you save too, and at a much smaller cost. 

If you can, try contacting your power company to see if they can switch you to a sustainable source like solar, wind, or water power. More and more companies are offering these features. 

Learning How to Save Energy at Home Is Easy

Learning how to save energy at home doesn’t take much time or effort. With a few simple tricks and habits, you can lower your electric bill right away, and you won’t see it go back up.

Saving energy is great for your wallet and the planet.

We’re full of useful tips to help you live a better life. Bookmark our page and keep coming back for more.

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