How To Setup Your Wax Bead Home Kit

How To Setup Your Wax Bead Home Kit

Booking ongoing waxing appointments can get tedious and costly. Plus, when someone else is helping you wax, the process can be more painful. Despite these discomforts, waxing remains a must.

The good news is that now there is an easier and more comfortable way to wax: right from home. With Happy Waxing, you save money by waxing from home and use the finest, award-winning hard wax for a smooth wax every time. What’s more, all the products are cruelty-free, ensuring you can achieve the wax results you want, guilt-free.

Happy Waxing by Perron Rigot (also known as the leader in the waxing industry) was created to offer effective, easy-to-use products with salon-worthy results. The waxes are hypoallergenic, so you never have to worry about rashes or irritations. If you’re hooked, learn how to set up your wax bead home kit by Happy Waxing and set yourself up for at-home waxing success using high-quality wax beads. 

How To Setup Your Kit

To set up shop, make sure you’ve read all the instructions in your kit before getting started. Line the area where you plan to wax with the no-mess reusable sheet; this prevents spills from getting onto your furniture, floor, or counter space. Then, make sure to gather all of the materials you need, including:

  • Your wax warmer
  • Your removable tin (comes empty)
  • Two bags of wax beads (for use on the face and body)
  • A clean, purifying lotion
  • A nourishing oil
  • A protective sheet
  • A pair of vinyl gloves
  • Five disposable body and face applicators
  • A small and large measuring cup

How To Use The Happy Waxing Kit

Before beginning your waxing experience, be sure to read all instructions. Look out for contraindications and safety precautions. From there, put on your protective gloves, and lay your protective sheet in the area you plan to wax. Next, place your happy waxing heater on a level surface away from water.

Here are the instructions for setting up your wax bead home kit, step by step:

  1. Before you start, use the no-mess reusable sheet to cover the area on which you plan to complete your waxing.
  • Place your heater for your wax beads on a level surface in an area far away from water for safety. Note: Keep the heater close to you at all times when you are waxing.
  • As a reminder, read the instructions in your kit thoroughly before getting started. Be aware of the safety precautions and proceed with the process mindfully.

More Info About Wax Beads

Your wax beads are refillable when you run out. The wax is so effective that you’ll only need one wax to accommodate all body areas, regardless of your hair thickness. The wax beads have been dermatologist-tested to ensure they are hypoallergenic and Rosin-free.

Wax Safely From The Comfort Of Your Home

Now you can enjoy the experience of waxing from the comfort of your own home. For more instructions on how to wax specific areas, check out the Happy Waxing website for tutorials.

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