Pests cause irreparable harm to insulation, walls, wooden furniture, and more materials. Learn how to eliminate and prevent household pests quickly!

How to Stop Household Pests From Destroying Your Home

Summer is just around the corner, and you know what that means: the dreaded household pest will soon be back, wreaking havoc on our homes, yards, and gardens. Some of the most common household pests emerge in the summer when it is warm; this is especially true in northern states that are finally thawing out after a long winter.

In the south, the rainy season drives pests out of their underground homes into the open and often into your home. From roaches to ants to larger pests like possums, squirrels, and armadilloes, you don’t want them in your home or around your house.

If you want to learn how to stop these household pests from destroying your home, read on.

Seal All Gaps and Repair Torn Screens

Maintaining a healthy and comfortable living space is crucial, and effective pest control plays a significant role in achieving this goal. Gaps in the foundation, between the roof and the walls of your home, and easy access to basements or crawl spaces are prime ways that pests can enter your home. Bugs, mice, roaches, and other small pests love these gaps and even the tiniest space could allow them in. If you can see light, then a pest can get in.

This applies to screens as well, especially if you have your windows open. Any small hole in a screen gives access to bugs, rodents, and other animals (even snakes) to get into your home or onto your screened porch or lanai.

Make Your Home Uninviting

You can use natural pest control to make your home uninviting for potential pests. Fresh herbs, like rosemary and sage, can keep mosquitoes away. Vinegar mixed with peppermint oil or eucalyptus oil can wash away ant trails, making it harder for other ants from the colonies to find them, and coffee grounds can keep pests away from your home because they don’t like the smell.

The easiest way to keep your home safe is to prevent pests from ever getting in. Prevention is often much simpler than trying to get rid of them once they are in.

Keep Your Property Clean

Make sure all trash is removed from your property in a timely manner. Trash cans should have tight fighting lids and should be secured so pests cannot access them. Any recyclables, such as soda cans, should be rinsed before they go into the can so they don’t attract ants, roaches, or wasps.

Any standing water should be removed, as that is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Piles of yard waste can also attract critters looking for homes, so dispose of grass clippings, leaves, branches, and other yard waste properly.

If you find that you do have a pest problem in your home, call the pros, like those atĀ

Keep Household Pests at Bay

Using these tips, you can hopefully keep any potential household pests at bay. Make your home so uninviting that they don’t want to even attempt to get in; then, you’ll never have to worry about identifying pests and getting rid of them.

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