Indoor air quality is not always as healthy as you might imagine it to be. We look at how to use air purifier technologies to breathe cleaner air.

How to Use Air Purifier Technology to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Did you know that air pollution is linked to almost 7 million deaths per year? Breathing polluted air can give you nasty symptoms that ruin your day.

When it comes to improving your indoor air quality, a few lemon slices and a ventilator won’t cut it. You’ve got to invest in a top-tier filterer to clean up the bad air. 

Read on to learn how to use air purifier and how it can help improve indoor air quality.

How to Use Air Purifier 101: Keep Your Air Purifier Clean

One of the best ways to improve your indoor air quality is to keep your air purifier clean. A clean air purifier will remove more contaminants from the air. This will result in cleaner air quality for you and your family.

First, change the filter regularly. Most air purifiers have a replaceable filter. Be sure to check the manufacturer’s recommendations for how often to change it.

Second, vacuum the unit regularly to remove any dirt or dust that has accumulated on the surfaces. Finally, wipe down the unit with a damp cloth to remove any build-up of contaminants. 

If you are not sure how to clean them, it is best to hire a professional. Zipf-Air HVAC specializes in installing and servicing air conditioning systems, air quality control systems, humidifiers, and more. Their free estimates and preventative maintenance ensure that your system is functioning properly.

Choosing the Right Size of Air Purifier

Air purifiers come in all shapes and sizes, from small units that can be placed on a desktop to larger, whole-house models. However, not all air purifiers are created equal. The size of the unit is an important factor to consider when purchasing an air purifier.

If the unit is too small, it will not be able to effectively purify the air in your home. On the other hand, if the unit is too large, it will use more energy and may be too loud for your liking.

Use Your Air Purifier in Conjunction With Other Technology

An air purifier is a great way to improve your indoor air quality. Using it in conjunction with other air quality improvement technologies can really boost the quality of your indoor air.

For example, using an air purifier with an air filtration system can help remove pollen, dust, and other allergens from your air. It also helps to reduce odors and improve your air quality.

Additionally, using an air purifier with ultraviolet germicidal light can help kill mold, bacteria, and viruses. This can further improve your indoor air quality.

Cleaner and Healthier Air

If you want to improve your indoor air quality, consider using air purifier technology. Many air purifiers have filters that can remove allergens, dust, and other particles from the air. 

By learning how to use air purifiers, you can enjoy cleaner, healthier air in your home.

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