Are you wondering how to win lawn of the month? If so, you've come to the right place! Check out this guide for more info.

How to Win Lawn of the Month

May means flowers. But have you ever thought about the lawn of the month? If you have stellar grass that deserves acclaim, why not enter?

First, though, you will have to determine what qualifies for a stellar lawn. If you’re not sure where to begin, we can help.

Below, we outline everything you need to know about winning lawn of the month.

Achieving Perfection

Start by selecting suitable soil and grass for the location, and then diligently maintain it with proper irrigation, mowing, and fertilization. Remove weeds and debris and aerate and overseed regularly to fill gaps to get a healthy, beautiful lawn. Adjust the mowing height and the mower blades’ sharpness to keep the grass looking its best.

Lastly, trim and edge the lawn periodically to keep it neat and perfect. You can reach the perfect yard and curb appeal by hiring a tree service Greenville.

Scheduling and Maintenance

Start with proper soil preparation through soil testing to identify nutrient requirements for your back and front lawn. Make sure the soil is balanced in terms of chemical and organic components. Implement a regular watering schedule that considers your region’s particular climate and what grass species you have in your lawn.

Keeping Weeds and Pests in Check

Every couple of weeks, carefully spray a weed inhibitor onto the lawn. Additionally, use bait traps for rodents and insecticides for pests. After taking these measures, ensure the property is adequately fed and watered throughout the month.

Moreover, consider adding a border to the lawn, as it will help organically restrict the growth of weeds. Finally, maintain the lawn in a clean and neat condition all throughout the month. With due diligence and care, the lawn will surely be a winner.

Rejuvenating With Fertilizers and Mulch

Fertilizers help replenish soils depleted of essential nutrients to ensure that grass and plants remain healthy. Mulching helps preserve the moisture and nutrients in the ground, plus it makes the lawn look more attractive. Too much fertilizer can harm the environment and the grass, so it’s essential to use the right amount for your area.

Regular mowing and watering are also necessary for keeping your lawn healthy and looking good. Weed control is also essential to keep the grass looking neat and well-maintained.

Establishing the Perfectly Manicured Lawn Edge

For the best results, use an edging tool to create a v-shaped groove that helps to hold the soil in place and prevent the grass from creeping in. After, link the edges together with a string trimmer and fortify the barriers with a line of short stakes. With the perfect lawn edge, you will be well on your way to winning the Lawn of the Month award!

It’s Time to Win Lawn of the Month

Overall, you can have the lush, envy-happy lawn you’ve always wanted. The key to winning ‘Lawn of the Month’ is to establish a good maintenance regimen. Take the time to make sure your grass is watered, fertilized, and mowed correctly.

Focusing on each season’s unique needs will help keep your lawn looking great all year round. So, get to work and show off your hard work and you may be awarded the lawn of the month.

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