How You Can Rejuvenate Items in Your Closet

How You Can Rejuvenate Items in Your Closet

When you reach for your closet doors, are you happy with what you find and pull out? Are the clothes and accessories you wear in good condition, and do you enjoy wearing them? If your clothing, shoes, and accessories are looking a little overused, or even past their best, then what can you do to bring them back to life? How can you rejuvenate the pieces that you love, and what should you look at first?

Deciding Which Items to Focus On

There may be lots of items in your closet that you want to take better care of, and that you want to improve or rejuvenate. However, you simply cannot do everything at once. If you try to focus on too many items at once, you will spread your efforts too thinly. This will mean that you will not get the look or quality that you deserve. So, decide which items you will get the most use from, whether this is a pair of jeans, or a pair of boots, and then start from there. Once you have conquered one project, you will then be able to move on to the next items.


When it comes to rejuvenating clothing in your wardrobe, you may wish to turn it into something new. For example, can an old skirt be turned into a top? Or, can an old pair of jeans be refreshed and turned into a pair of shorts? Rejuvenating clothes can leave them looking and feeling like new, and even if they no longer fit you anymore, can theory be used to patch up other clothes you have? Rejuvenating clothing can save you money, and it can allow you to have truly personal and unique one-off pieces.


You may have old costume jewelry that is unworn as it is broken, or you may have bags that you no longer use or wear. Upcycling accessories and creating new pieces, or even adding them to other items such as handbags can give you a personal and unique item that nobody else will own. When rejuvenating accessories, always think about what they could be. For example, could a broken necklace be part of a new belt, or be the jewels you want on a new pair of shorts?

Shoes and Boots

You may have shoes or boots in your wardrobe that are past their best. They may be faded or discolored, or they may even be in a color you no longer like wearing anymore before throwing them out, why not look at painting them, and giving them a new lease of life? With angelus shoe paint you can paint leather shoes a new color, or you can revive those boots and shoes that have faded over the years. Preparation is important when painting shoes and boots, so always make sure you are painting clean and dry shoes or boots.

Reusing, Recycling, and Repurposing

Rejuvenating items in your closet by reusing, recycling, or repurposing may not always be the quickest thing to do. However, it will be a rewarding process, and it will allow you to stop items from unnecessarily ending up in landfills.

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