How You Can Turn Your New Home into Your Perfect Girlie Pad

How You Can Turn Your New Home into Your Perfect Girlie Pad

There is nothing better than having your own space that you can make into your perfect girlie retreat. Although, when the word girlie is used, the mind will automatically think of pastel or striking pinks, this doesn’t have to be the case. Having a girlie pad could just mean that it has a luxurious feel and texture about it that oozes expense – even if it was all put together on a budget and has little really to do with any one color at all. 

Having the perfect area to relax is a must, but you will also have to make sure that you have space for a dressing room, as well as somewhere comfortable to entertain your friends when they come to visit.

#1 Decorating Before You Move In

Where possible, it is always better to get your decorating done and completed before you move in. This is so that you are not constantly trying to work around your furniture and possessions while trying to paint walls and skirting, and even more importantly, trying to lay flooring. 

If you choose your flooring wisely, such as going for hardwood flooring, you will find that it is a job that you will only have to do once, and use rugs for softness, rather than carpets that will have to be replaced every few years.

#2 Your Prized Possessions

Once you have your floors and walls ready for your furniture, it is time to book your removal business. For some, this may be seen as an extra expense, especially if you are moving into a small apartment. However, if you take into consideration how many flights of stairs you are going to have to climb with arms full of belongings, you could very well have wished that you had hired the help of specialized apartment movers to at least carry the heavier items for you, leaving you to work out where you want items placed and hand out refreshments to those doing all the leg work.

#3 Using Colors and Accessories

If you are hoping to keep redecorating to a bare minimum, you will have painted your walls in a reasonably neutral color leaving all of the heavy color accents to happen with your soft furnishings, cushions, and accessories. When you are in the process of adding color to your space, it is important that you do not go too mad with just one color, and that you choose to have a palette of a few different but complementing colors. Placing mirrors in certain locations can make your new home feel more spacious and can enhance the natural light flow into dark areas.

#4 Keeping It Soft and Sumptuous

When looking to purchase mirrors, to keep the sumptuous look, you should look for those that have heavy thick frames and beveled glass, as these tend to look more expensive and luxurious. Keeping with the sumptuous feeling, investing in throws, lots of cushions, and thick rugs to sink your toes into will also give that luxurious, expensive feel that you are after.  

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