Killer Summer Perfect Co-Ords for Women by MUVAZO

Killer Summer Perfect Co-Ords for Women by MUVAZO

As the temperature soars, we promise you a look that will make you look your best! Summers are the time to flaunt your short skirts, sleeveless tops, and yes co-ords. It is a time to bundle up beautifully and meet friends for a cool drink or cuddle up with your cutie over a sweet candlelight dinner. Whatever the occasion, a woman’s gotta look her best, right?

This is where we bring you the gorgeous concept of Co-Ord Sets that will make you think – Co-Ord Sets women summer- was synonymous with each other!

Trending then, Trending now:

The Co-ord sets have caught everyone’s attention in recent months but did you know, it has been a trend from way back?

In its earliest avatar, the co-ord trend originates from the 1600s. This was the time when Elizabethan women wore separate, matching bodices and skirts.

Fast forward to the 1800s, co-ords were synonymous with sportswear and case in point were those Victorian times riding habits.

A turning point for co-ords as we know them now came in the 1920s, when Coco Chanel created her matching cardigan jackets and skirts. This combination went on to become one of the designer’s most iconic looks.

Why do Co-Ords work so well?

Every woman knows the brain gymnastics it requires to pick the perfect outfit. Very often deciding what should be worn takes up more time than the actual dressing up.

The answer to the collective prayers is the Co-Ord sets.

Co-ord sets are colour and style coordinated clothing sets that do not need to be matched with other individual clothes. They are perfectly matched already!

The simplest reason why co-ord sets work so well is because it is minimal styling with maximum effect. It is so easy to look ‘put together’ without having to make any extra effort. You simply pull out a completely coordinated set out of your wardrobe without having to mull over multiple different pieces.

After being indoors for months thanks to the Pandemic, this becomes immensely useful.

Taking it further is the fact that co-ords are not limited to a particular occasion, body type or age. They can be worn for a lunch date or can glam up a party, with equal ease and panache.

Revving up your Wardrobe:

Comfortable, cosy and perfect, here are a few tips on finding your winter wardrobe staples because remember the mantra – ‘Co-ord sets women winter’:

Formal & Flamboyant – Trouser Co-ord sets

Turn the classic trouser set on its head by choosing to wear matching pants and cardigan/ woven top. Powerful, magnificent and super hot!

Indian Magic – Saree and Shawl Co-ord sets

Who said Indian outfits cannot be rocking? Have you seen the ladies who absolutely kill it with their Sharee (Shawl + Saree) looks? The perfect winter companion for your elegant saree is a perfectly matched shawl. Drape a matching shawl on one side or elegantly across your back and arms – and bingo, you have a winner!

Sure to Suit – Winter perfect Suit Co-ord sets

What is quick, simple and can be worn glammed up or down? Suits of course! The possibilities are endless with a classical suit set. Imagine how many versions you can make? Everytime is a new outfit! You can custom make them to fit your fashion sense or choose to get readymade ones. Either way, suit co-ords suit winter perfectly!

Dress up fine – Dress and Jacket Co-ord sets

Dresses are for summers… absolutely NOT. Dresses can be worn in winters too, but with its perfect partner, a co-ordinated jacket! Have you thought of how lovely a crochet dress would look with a short jacket? Or how a long knitwear dress with a matching shrug could turn heads in a party?

Stoles and Sweaters for the win

Want to keep it simple? Nothing can beat the comfort of simple jeans and sweaters. If you want to amp up the look, drape a matching stole around your neck and voila! you are all set to party!

What are the designs you choose from?


Like we mentioned earlier, the easiest thing to go for is the same colour, like we said in our games, matching-matching! Black on black is an eternal classic, but fashion today is all about vibrancy and pop. So go all out, give fuschia pinks and lime green ensembles a go. If you are one of those people who like pastels – you are in luck! Pastel co-ords are absolutely gorgeous to look at.


Stripes are totally trending now. Admittedly it requires a little spunk to be able to carry it off. Polka dots and whirls, subtle patterns, little buttons or embroidery are all in the game!


Co-ords are often made of similar fabric, literally cut from the same cloth! These can be as flamboyant as you want or as subtle as you please!

We hope these ideas ignite a fashion blitzkrieg in your head and you end up being the most stylish of divas this winter!

While you are at it, be sure to check out the latest Co-Ord sets on Muvazo!

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