Learning To Let Go: How To Declutter When You Want To Keep Everything

Learning To Let Go: How To Declutter When You Want To Keep Everything 

Everyone is a bit guilty of hoarding more than what they need. Despite having more than a dozen shoes, you buy more simply because you want to own a new one. And with the convenience and advanced way of online shopping, you can have your most-awaited new pair of shoes right on your doorstep in no time.  

Unfortunately, all these additions only take up more and more space in your home. There will come a time when you’ll finally realize that much clutter is taking up more space than it should. If you’re already on this verge, it’s time to start thinking of decluttering and have a read about how to get rid of unwanted rubbish from your home.  

If you find it hard to let go of some things, decluttering can be made easier if you follow these steps:  

1. Let Go Of Things Even With Sentimental Meanings  

One of the obvious reasons why you can’t let go of some of your old stuff is because of their sentimental value. They may symbolize or represent something in the past that you value so much. It’s common for people to struggle with decluttering sentimental items. After all, some people justify that the memories and emotions that come with these things are more valuable than they’re worth it. But the truth is they’re already taking up too much space in your home, which is impractical.   

First, you need to remember that your memories are not stored in the physical item; it’s a part of your mind and heart. No matter what you do, they will always be there. Therefore, with this mindset, you can slowly let go of your sentimental things. Decluttering sentimental items can be done in many ways. It can sometimes be enough to take a picture of the item to let it go.   

Instead of having the physical item, you can have their virtual counterparts. Also, you can repurpose or upcycle the item into something useful if you insist on keeping them. Finally, it’s smart to decide and define a clear space limit for the sentimental items you want to keep. Make sure to stick to this limit.  

2. Remember The Last Time You Used Or Needed It  

Another useful way to let go of things that are already cluttered is to remember the last time you used them. It’s probably a good idea to get rid of anything you haven’t used for half a year or so. Some would even suggest that if you haven’t used the thing for three months, then it’s no longer something you want or need. Think about this, and you’ll realize there are many things consuming space in your home with no value and use.   

3. Check If There’s A Duplicate Or Something Similar To It  

Sometimes, people would buy things that are duplicates or similar. If you have this habit, it’s time to let go of the second thing because it will only add clutter to your home. Since they look the same and have the same use, what’s the point of keeping more than one?  

You may need to choose which one among both should be let go. In your home, duplicate items take up valuable space, especially if stored in high-traffic places. It’s time to eliminate these duplicates so you can make room for things you need. Letting go of clutter is the first tip for keeping your home looking great and organized.  

4. Don’t Think Of The Sunk Costs  

Another hindrance in decluttering is when you think of the money you’ve spent in acquiring the item. Sunk costs can make you feel guilty so easily. Anyone can get easily hung up on sunk costs. However, this mindset should be changed. The truth is you might be accumulating more expenses just by keeping those things that are no longer useful in your life.   

For instance, cleaning your entire home often because of the clutter will require more money than having a cleaner house that’s easier to clean and maintain. When you think about these things, you’ll realize that it’s better to let go of the clutter than spend more money in maintaining to keep them.   

When you assess your things, you should let go of those without an appreciated value. Unlike gold, precious metals, and other expensive valuables, these sunk costs will only get bigger when they stay in your home for no reason or purpose. If you’re feeling guilty about wasting them away, one best alternative solution is to hold a garage sale and sell your preloved stuff. Another way is to sell them in salvage stores and second-hand stores online.  

5. Ask Help From A Friend  

You can invite a friend over if you feel like you’re too weak to let go of your precious valuables. Choose a friend who has decluttered her home successfully in the past, and they may help you with your journey in the same way. They may relate to you and can feel your agony of letting things go, so they can be with your every step of the way.   


It’s all about taking your first step in decluttering your home; the rest will follow. While it’s tempting to keep everything, especially when you realize the sunk costs, always remember that living in a cluttered home will only mean more expenses in the future. Hopefully, you’ve found some useful tips above, which you can apply to your decluttering session soon. 

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