Living and Working in London: The Benefits of Driving a Scooter

Living and Working in London: The Benefits of Driving a Scooter

Public transport in London is an accessible and easy way to get around but relying on someone else’s schedule can be frustrating at times, especially if you have a busy life or often travel the city. Driving a car in London can be expensive and the congestion anywhere near the city center means it can take hours to get from one side of the city to the other.

If you want to have your own transport whilst living and working in London, here is why a scooter is an affordable and reliable option.

Low Cost

One of the biggest benefits of choosing a scooter for getting around London is the price. Getting an annual pass for public transport can be costly and depending on the area where you are going, you may need to get the underground and a bus. Whilst purchasing a scooter brings an initial cost, you can actually save money in the long run, especially if you end up relying a lot on taxis.

Scooters are an ideal choice for living and working in London as they are lightweight, easy to maintain, and cheap to run.


There are plenty of places to park scooters around London, meaning you don’t need to spend time searching for car parks or public transport routes. If you have a yoga class in the morning at Victoria and then need to be at a meeting in King’s Cross, you can simply jump on your scooter and weave through the traffic, arriving at your meeting on time.

Many scooters also come with storage under the seat, so you could leave your workout gear in your scooter before grabbing an impromptu after-work bite. The flexibility of having your own transport can make London life easier, especially if you are a fan of last-minute plans.

Compliant with Current Regulations

Many modern scooters are compliant with current London regulations, which include the London congestion charges and ULEZ, depending on which area of London you drive through. A 125cc scooter is the best option for working and living in London, as these have enough power to get you around whilst complying with regulations. Scooters from BMG scooters London are ULEZ (Ultra-Low Emission Zone) compliant, whilst many larger vehicles are not.

A larger vehicle will not only cost more but you will need to pay a daily charge for driving in London, which can soon add up. A scooter is not only an affordable option, but it can also reduce your carbon footprint.

To ride a scooter, you will need to get a CBT certificate, pass your motorcycle theory test, and then pass a practical test. Depending on your age, you can get an A1 or A2 license, which will allow you to drive without an L-plate or restrictions. This can also give you the confidence to drive around London. If you work and live in London and want a flexible and affordable way to get around, a scooter could be a great purchase.

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