Are you looking to revamp your garden? Then consider adding garden lights to your outdoor decor! Click here for the best outdoor lighting tutorial.

Make Your Yard Pop! A Garden Lights Tutorial

There is nothing quite like listening to the chirping of crickets on a cool summer evening. Spending time outdoors at night can lower your anxiety and help you sleep like a baby. 

Sitting outside after the sun goes down is very tricky if you don’t have light so you can see. Adding garden lights to your outdoor space will give you a whole new area to spend time in at night. 

Are you stuck figuring out what type of outdoor lights to add to your space? We’ve got you covered with the best garden lights to illuminate your backyard. 

Outdoor Lighting Purpose 

Before you begin, you have to decide on the primary purpose your outdoor lights will serve. Do you want festive lighting for outdoor gatherings or lighting for security reasons? These decisions will help guide your final lighting choices. 

Types of Garden Lights 

Next is the fun part of picking out your outdoor lights. You can choose anything from portable lights to high-end options that need a professional to install. 

Solar Garden Lights 

These lights are the most low maintenance and energy-efficient of the bunch. The sun will do all the work of charging your solar lights. These lights look great lining a garden walkway. 

LED Garden Lights 

LED lights are another energy-efficient garden light choice. You can find these lights in many different styles to fit any aesthetic. 

Wall Lights

Add a whimsical touch to your garden by putting lights on the wall. This lighting option sheds light on a wide area, keeping your space bright. 

Landscape Lighting 

If you want your lights close to the ground, this is the option for you. Landscape lighting gives a softer look to your garden space. 


If you are looking for more security, give a floodlight a try. These bright lights will illuminate a large part of your garden. They are also very durable in harsh weather. 

Hardscape Lighting 

If you are planning a more extensive garden renovation, consider adding lights to your outside walls or stairs. You’ll have this type of light built into a structure as a permanent feature. 

Installing Garden Lights 

Once you’ve decided on your lighting type, it’s time to install your lights in your yard. Portable lights are a great DIY project as many are put in the ground with attached spikes. 

If you want to do a more complicated lighting design, you’ll need to hire a pro to get the job done right. Electrical work can be dangerous business if you don’t know what you are doing. 

Adding Outdoor Lighting Can Change Your Outdoor Space for the Better 

Adding garden lights will add a relaxing ambiance that you won’t ever want to leave. Even when the evenings turn chilly, your lit garden space will feel warm and inviting. 

Once you’ve lit up your outdoor space, head indoors for more DIY updates. Check out our Home and Garden blogs for ideas today! 

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