Mistakes People Make When Buying an HVAC

Mistakes People Make When Buying an HVAC

It’s important to keep your home or office at a good temperature. While fans and open windows can make a bit of a difference, it’s better to have HVAC. Before you look up “HVAC in Olympia” though, you should make sure that you’re making the right choice. Here are some mistakes that people make that can wind up costing them money or just making them feel too hot or cold. 

They Get a Unit That’s Too Large or Small

You want to get a unit that’s going to be the most efficient when it comes to either heating or cooling a room. That means that the unit should be the correct size. If you get something that’s too large for a small room, then it’s going to either be scorching or freezing. On the other hand, if you get something that’s too small for a larger room, then it’s going to be very inefficient. Take some measurements and talk to a professional. 

They Don’t Get an Energy-Efficient One

If you get an HVAC unit that is too energy hungry, then you’re running the risk of having a much higher energy bill than you’d like. Technology has improved to the point where it’s easy to program an HVAC to conserve energy at certain points during the day. If you’re going to be out all day and you don’t have any pets to worry about, you could keep it at a low level during those times, for example. 

They Don’t Have a Licensed Person Doing the Installation

An HVAC isn’t like a window unit. You need to have someone who knows what they are doing when they install the unit. Otherwise, you risk voiding the warranty. The same goes for having any repair or maintenance work done on the unit. A licensed professional should also inspect any previous ductwork to make sure that it’s safe. 

They Focus On Saving Money

It doesn’t hurt to get some off-brand for some items. An HVAC isn’t one of those things to skimp on. You want to make sure that you get something that will last a long time and that the company that you’re buying from will also be there for the foreseeable future. Otherwise, you’re looking at regretting buying something that’s no longer supported — that can make for very expensive repairs or replacement. 

They Don’t Shop Around

It can be tempting to just buy from one place. Unless you’ve bought from the same manufacturer before, it’s always a good idea to shop around. While it’s not great to focus solely on price, if you can get a bargain on a well-known and trustworthy brand, then you can go for it. See what’s on sale. 

Like many other things, there are pitfalls when it comes to buying HVACs. If you’re careful, then you can minimize the chances of that happening. Otherwise, you will find yourself sweating or freezing while waiting to pay for a new unit. Spend a bit of extra time vetting the units and the people who are installing them, and you’ll likely be fine. Then all the work will be worth it. 

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